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July 11, 2011

Paula Creamer


Q. Paula, you had such a magical year last year at Oakmont. First, summarize what it's been like to be the U.S. Open defending champion.
PAULA CREAMER: It's been fun. It definitely has. It's been a hard week. You know, I think last night it kinda just all hit me, and I realized that that trophy wasn't coming home last night.
But, you know, that's golf. It's just gonna make me work harder to come out next year and hopefully get it back.

Q. Talk about the difficulty of yesterday. And then also speak to what Hee Kyung Seo did yesterday as well during that 36 holes.
PAULA CREAMER: It's been difficult. You know, it's hard, especially an Open playing 34, 32 holes a day. It's tough on you. It wears over time.
But, you know, she's played awesome. She came out yesterday. That was her two days of her rounds. I think it's very impressive. It just shows how strong women's golf is getting and the fact that, Bring it on, You know, 34, 32 holes, whatever it is. You know, we're getting better.

Q. Tee to green, you were very impressive. Unlike last year when your putter was magical, your putter let you down. When you analyze it, what was going on?
PAULA CREAMER: It was the same thing. You know, Colin and I just talked about on the 18th green, I hit it great. I definitely didn't give myself places where I shouldn't be, but I just didn't get the speed.
The whole week I struggled with the uphill and downhill. That was my problem. I never had as many lip-outs this week, but like I said, that's golf.

Q. You have been a gracious champion for the last year, and you are forever a U.S. Open champion. Thanks, Paula.

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