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July 11, 2011

Angela Stanford


Q. What was it like going out there knowing you had four holes and you knew precisely what you needed to do? How about the putt at 16?
ANGELA STANFORD: I've never begged that hard for a ball to turn left. I'm going, Please go, please go. It was a great putt and misread on 17. I have had trouble with hitting the fairway on 18 all week.

Q. You hit a great shot in there at 17, and it looked like it was a pretty straight putt. How did you read that?
ANGELA STANFORD: We thought it was actually moving right. I played it kinda left center. Maybe I hit a bad putt. (Indiscernible.)
Paula's didn't break as much. So it might have been right center.

Q. You played so much good golf, but there was that section yesterday when things went awry. You made the double at 11, bogey at 13 and 14. What happened there? Was it a disconnect with your mind and your body? More mental or more physical?
ANGELA STANFORD: I guess it could have been. The way I looked at it I hit the ball in the right spots all week. Everybody knows you can't miss it short left on 13 when the pin is in the front, so unfortunately my big mistakes came at the very end.

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