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July 10, 2011

Angela Stanford


PETE KOWALSKI: Angela Stanford, even par for the championship.

Q. You played so well and maybe dropped off a little bit. Was it good to call it quits and regroup?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yes, very much so. Um, you know, we haven't seen wind like that all week either, so, yeah, I was ready to call it quits today.

Q. Was fatigue a factor there with the double bogey?
ANGELA STANFORD: No, you know, I knew if I hit that 5-iron too hard or if I pulled it it was going to be long. I hit a terrible chip. I misread the lie and just didn't hit a very good second putt.
Things that, you know, can happen out here really easy, and I've been very fortunate that it hadn't happened yet this week, and just hit a poor shot on 13.
You can't miss it short and left when the pin's front left, so just things that haven't happened all week. I don't know, I guess you could say it's fatigue. But, I mean, I wouldn't say that. I think it's probably more mental than physical.

Q. What's it like, you know, knowing exactly what you have to do tomorrow in that situation?
ANGELA STANFORD: Um, it's nice. I mean, it's good to know exactly what I have to do. It's been beautiful every morning here, so the good news is I'm playing a stretch of holes that you can make three birdies and not 10 through 15.
I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Will it help you at all your experience having made some really big shots in this tournament before to...
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I think the good thing is I like the last four holes. There is really only one, you know, issue I have in the last four holes.
But the good news is I like those holes, and so when I get out here in the morning I'll be ready to attack them.

Q. You say it could have been fatigue or whatever. How much is just U.S. Open? You always see that happen, somebody falls back. Do you think that was you today?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, you just never know. Like I said, I have hit the ball in all the right spots this week. Even when I missed it, I still put myself in position to chip from the right spot.
So, you know, I think 13 this afternoon was the first time that I was in just a dead spot. So unfortunately it's coming on the last nine holes of the event.
But I've done really good all week, and there's no reason to think I can't wake up in the morning make three birdies.

Q. But, even so, is there going to be -- you know, because you were 4-under a couple holes ago, and that score is 3-under. Is it hard not to just kick yourself a little bit and say...
ANGELA STANFORD: Oh, yeah. I mean, every golfer does. To not expect that you're gonna make a mistake at the U.S. Open is dumb. So, you know, you've got to know you're gonna make mistakes.
Like I said, you've got to make your mistakes in the right spots. I've done that all week up until those couple holes. So, you know, that's what happens at an Open, and unfortunately mine are coming at the end.
A lot of people, whoever is sitting at 3-under, I'm sure she made mistakes first, second, third round; she played great in her fourth round.

Q. Overall, is this the most frustrating Open you think? You've played in a lot of these and there has been weather problems before, but has this one - just because of how many delays and everything that's happened - been the toughest?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I knew it was gonna be tough coming in this week, and the weather and the delays have made it worse. It's just, it's weird. You just -- you wouldn't expect anything like that. You know, it's sad because it's been a great event. The fans have been awesome.
To end on a Monday is tough, and to end not being in the correct order, meaning we did not re-pair, that's tough for the fans here, too.
It's going to be a tough end to a great event.

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