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July 10, 2011

Hee Kyung Seo


PETE KOWALSKI: Currently leader of the championship, Hee Kyung Seo.

Q. How were you able to play so well today with all these delays?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I was a little tired before going to start, but I was keep hydrating to my body and I was keep trying to my energy up, so I ate every time.
I could focus at the morning, and then, you know, fourth round in front nine, the shot I hit really good, but the putting rhythm was good.
So I just trust myself and just let it go, and I made lots of birdies, yeah.

Q. How do you feel leading the U.S. Open with just a few more holes to play tomorrow?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Well, nobody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow. I think they're going to no wind in the morning, so I will just pray and wait.

Q. Are you pretty excited with where you stand?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Yeah. I can't believe now. I feel like in the dream.

Q. How difficult is it gonna be to watch tomorrow?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Well, I did my best and I did all my things, so even if I could not be winner, I don't mind. I just did my best, and that's all.

Q. Do you have a flight tomorrow?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Actually, my flight was tomorrow morning, but I think my manager change it. (Smiling).

Q. Was it weird to celebrate a little bit?

Q. You gonna have a tough time sleeping tonight?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Well, I can sleep very well, so I don't worry about that, yeah. Every time I go bed and sleep, yeah.

Q. What's this day like? I mean, to wake up 3-over this morning and now you're finishing probably the U.S. Open champion, what is that like?
HEE KYUNG SEO: Um, like last few months I couldn't trust myself and I could not focus on my game. I just struggled on my puttings and shots.
So after Wegmans I went to Niagara Falls and I went -- what was the ship name? I mean, I went to Falls with my parents, and we were talking about you need to be -- you are No. 1 to us, so you need to trust yourself.
And then, yeah, when I was played well in Korea, I think I really 100% trust myself, so I was trying keep trust myself, and then it happened. Yeah.

Q. When you go to Niagara Falls?
HEE KYUNG SEO: After Wegmans, so yeah.

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