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July 10, 2011

Amy Anderson


PETE KOWALSKI: Glad to have Amy Anderson back up on the podium.

Q. Happy birthday, first of all.
AMY ANDERSON: Thank you.

Q. Could you have imagined a better birthday present than this whole week?
AMY ANDERSON: This was awesome. Usually I'm on the golf course on my birthday but it's watching my brother, so to come here and play the Women's Open on my birthday was awesome.

Q. Everything you thought it could be and more?
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah. I learned a lot this week, so that was good.
I really look forward to having more opportunities to do this. I learned things about like what I need to do in the future, and I think that's gonna help me a lot.

Q. What was the highlight?
AMY ANDERSON: Well, the highlight was leading after the first day, basically.

Q. Take us through the wave of emotions. Obviously you sat here on Thursday and said, Probably not going to stay that way and seemed to be okay with that.

Q. Take us through the range from your great round to the 81 to your birthday. This whole week had to be emotionally draining. Highs, low, highs, lows.
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, this whole tournament is emotionally and mentally draining just because you're grinding constantly for pars, sometimes grinding for bogeys.
It is difficult, but, yeah, I had an awesome time, especially the first two days where I played really well.
Then we had all these rain delays which kind of got in the way of momentum. I just wasn't comfortable over putts the last couple days, and that was basically the problem.
But overall it was a really positive experience.

Q. You said you learned a lot. What did you learn?
AMY ANDERSON: The one thing I learned was, number one, when I'm playing well I can play with the best. So that was really positive for me.
The second thing I learned is the golf course, there are shots that I need to improve so that when I'm not on top of it I can still basically stay around par. So I'm going to go home and work on that. I'm excited to get back and into practices. Really motivating for me.

Q. Isn't North Dakota more Viking territory?
AMY ANDERSON: It is, but I have been a Broncos fan since I was five. It was perfect.

Q. Can you talk about the delays? You just commented about getting the momentum and then the delays. Just how frustrating was it?
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, it was more mentally draining than everything because you have to be ready all the time.
It just dragged out. And waking up at 4:30 this morning, always having to wake up early, especially when I was anticipating a late tee time on Friday, it's just -- it's physically, mentally, emotionally draining.

Q. Are you glad it's over to a degree?
AMY ANDERSON: I am. I'm ready to go back to North Dakota.

Q. Do you think you maybe overpracticed? I noticed you came out and played five rounds before the tournament.
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, for me there is no such thing as overpracticing. I think the biggest thing for me was basically underpracticing in between rounds. There was no time to really get out on the driving range and putting green to fine tune some things that was falling apart. I just tried to hold it together.

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