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July 10, 2011

Albert Costa

David Ferrer

Feliciano Lopez

Fernando Verdasco


7-5, 7-6, 5-7, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk about how worn out you are and how much you put into that match, David.
DAVID FERRER: Well, the match, it was very tough, no? I had a lot of breakpoints down. I was very strong mental. You know, it was not easy. It was a very tension match. It's normal. Nothing else, no?
The team, we are very happy because I can won here, here in the United States. It's a moment very, very special.

Q. There was a day when we would say the Spanish players, they excel on clay, but not anything else. In recent times, including this tie, you've proven if it's fast, grass, whatever, that the Spanish can play on all surfaces. Talk a little bit about that.
CAPTAIN COSTA: Well, that's the reality, no? These players, they can play at the highest level in every surface. I think they have won many tournaments on hard courts, indoor courts, and all over.
But I think the Spanish players, they are good and they know how to play also Davis Cup now. In the '90s, '80s, it was more difficult for us. But right now these guys can beat anybody.

Q. Albert, how important was it for you to take care of business and close this out in this match and not give Roddick another chance?
CAPTAIN COSTA: Well, of course we knew that the last match will be difficult. But we had a lot of confidence also in Feliciano.
But, of course, it's gonna be very difficult to beat Andy in the fifth match and the deciding match of the tie, no? We knew that. But we tried to win the first one, and we did it. So we are very happy for that.
For us is an historic win.

Q. What do you think about France right now?
CAPTAIN COSTA: Right now we know that France is a great nation, great players. We lost 5-0 last year. I think it's going to be different history.
Let me enjoy this moment, and the next week we will start to think about France.

Q. David, Mardy had so many breakpoints against you. How were you able to hold off against so many chances?
DAVID FERRER: Well, I tried to focus all the match, no? I know I can won the two sets up. But I know I could lost the two sets, no?
You know, it was a match, very tension match. It was not easy because we know a lot that the match is very, very important.

Q. Albert, you had so much success today. Any chance you'll play France on a hard court?
CAPTAIN COSTA: On hard court? I don't think so, no (laughter).
We had a lot of success, but as you know, we prefer clay.

Q. Talk about the momentum you have because Spain is the best Davis Cup team we've had in this 21st century. You've won four and been in another final. How much momentum does that give Spain and your players to feel that you can win?
CAPTAIN COSTA: Well, I think the momentum is because we have a generation of players that they are unbelievable. So I think it's going to be really difficult to repeat these players. So we have to try to take advantage of this and try to win as much as we can. In the future, for sure is going to be more difficult.
But, look, these guys, the effort that they made, all the matches, it's very difficult to be always in the Davis Cup. They are doing, they are giving everything in the court. This is really, really unbelievable.
For me, is a pleasure to be their captain, no?

Q. David, what does this do for your confidence going forward, coming to the U.S. beating two top-10 players back to back on a hard court surface?
DAVID FERRER: I think it's a moment very special for us, no? Because we won here one tie very difficult. Of course, for my confidence, I won two really tough matches. I won two top 10s. You know, I know this was not easy.

Q. Have you heard from Rafa?
CAPTAIN COSTA: Yes, I received a message from him. He is very happy for everybody. And before the tie also.

Q. Talk about the atmosphere. First time a Davis Cup came to Austin.
FERNANDO VERDASCO: I think that the crowd was, of course, supporting the U.S. team, but I think it was a good crowd, no? We used to playing in countries like Argentina or other ones that they were much worse than this, so...
I think that everybody was respectful. That is the most important thing in tennis. Also to have the Spanish crowd is so important for us, no, supporting us all the time every match. Even if they are not 17,000 like the Americans, it was important for us. It was a pleasure to win this tie.
CAPTAIN COSTA: Of course, to play here, the presentation, all the organization was great, fantastic, beautiful show. But the crowd here is very respectful. They support their team, but it's very respectful. They don't yell in the middle of the first and second serve.
I think the people here understand what they can support and what they cannot. In other countries, they are tougher. The crowd was fantastic.

Q. Albert, you said this was an historic win for your team. Talk more as to why that is.
CAPTAIN COSTA: Spain never beat USA in his country, no? So I think for us, that's why is historic. And to win against Roddick, Fish and the Bryans, I think these are great team. For us it's historic.

Q. Fernando, how are the hamburgers you're eating?
FERNANDO VERDASCO: Just one. I used to stay all the time supporting David. I'm his assistant (laughter).
DAVID FERRER: He was my assistant this week.
FERNANDO VERDASCO: And I said the guy that was helping us, the whole team, to bring one hamburger and some popcorn. So I enjoy a lot eating all that American way.

Q. How do you plan on celebrating tonight?
FERNANDO VERDASCO: Oh, my God. I think that's better to don't talk, no?
CAPTAIN COSTA: For sure it's going to be first a dinner and then a little party, for sure, yeah.

Q. Feliciano, can you talk about being part of this winning team. Have you had any tweets from your favorite fan Judy Murray?
FERNANDO VERDASCO: Sorry, his name is not Feliciano, it's Deliciano.
FELICIANO LOPEZ: What do you want me to tell you? They were playing also at the same time so I guess Judy, she was supporting Andy instead of supporting Spain. That's all I can say.
It's been a pleasure to be a part of this team. This is the first time I got into the team. I really enjoyed playing Davis Cup. I really enjoyed representing my country. I hope to be part of this team for many years.

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