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July 10, 2011

Martin Wiegele


Q. It's been an awfully long day, tell us how successful you feel it has been today?
MARTIN WIEGELE: Yeah, it was an unbelievable day, just went out not thinking of any score or any position I want to get into. But I just wanted to play my best game and after that long wait the last few days, it was an unbelievable day for me.

Q. As you saw your name beginning to creep up the leaderboard, what were your thoughts at that point, how did it affect the way you played there after?
MARTIN WIEGELE: I didn't look at the leaderboards because I thought, I don't want to put myself into any extra pressure. Just kept on doing my things, and I think I looked at the leaderboard maybe once or twice, but just not even at the names, just to have a quick look at the numbers and then I was away from the score thinking again. It's paid off I think.

Q. Well, right now, you're in fourth position, for the very least an Open Championship spot, and an awful lot of people behind you. How conscious of that target were you today? Was it a real target for you?
MARTIN WIEGELE: I did have it in the back of my mind and I thought about it a few times, but just like I said, I didn't want to think of the others, and just wanted to play my game and do the best I possibly can. And I thought I will see in the end. I think that puts some pressure off me and it was also the other tournaments, like St. Omer where I won and the other Challenge Tour events that I won, it always seemed to be helpful if I didn't have too many looks at the leaderboard.
So I think it was a good decision to do.

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