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July 10, 2011

Bob Diamond

Luke Donald


Q. A challenging week all told, how would you sum it up?
BOB DIAMOND: You know, the heros, Hazel, were all of the fans that came out, all of the supporters that came out and so many volunteers that came out, particularly with the bad weather we had on Saturday that they helped get the course ready for today.

Q. First time you've won as the world No. 1, how special is this, because to finish it off with a 63 today was something special, how hard-earned was the victory?
LUKE DONALD: It was a long week, obviously, even though it was 54 holes, it dragged on. Obviously we had a lot of weather as Bob said. I think this victory, as much as it goes to me and my final round, it goes to the volunteers and the greens staff and everyone that helped make this possible, because I think we had as much rain as what they usually get in five months up here.
It was very satisfying to play like I did today, and this is great prep for next week.

Q. You've had a couple of near misses in this championship in the past and this is the first time for four years you've played in it. Clearly the decision to come and play links before The Open Championship was a big factor in that. How confident does this make you as you head down towards Royal St. George's now?
LUKE DONALD: Well, this is perfect preparation. It doesn't get better than going out and winning the week before I'm going to be high on confidence. I played Royal St. George's last week and I like the way it's set up, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Q. Your tartan trousers we were applauding; quite strong Scottish connections?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, my father was born in Scotland. I guess I'm half-Scottish, half-English. Donald is a very Scottish name and I'm very proud of my supporters and my fans.

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