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July 10, 2011

Davis Love III


Q. Davis, can you talk about the kind of guy Steve Stricker is, how the guys feel about the kind of stuff he's having on the back half of his career.
DAVIS LOVE, III: Well, it's probably the front half. It's the best part of his career, for sure. He's playing great, and he's such a great guy. We were talking about it last night. He does everything right, says the right things, does the right things, and it's nice to see him have some success after some ups and downs, but you know, he's one of the best players in the world, and we're excited that he's playing well, and I'm sure Freddie's really excited for the Presidents Cup team.

Q. Can you just talk about your week here and how you feel you played all week?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Played all right. I hit a few bad shots every day, and I didn't make a lot of putts, but I rolled it pretty good. I just kept leaving it short, like a lot of guys were saying. It's hard to hit the ball hard enough, especially uphill. But I played well. Not great, but well, and ready for next week.

Q. Considering the difference in styles of golf, were you able to do some things here to prepare yourself for over there?
DAVIS LOVE, III: I think just playing and having a pencil in your pocket makes you concentrate, and you find out what you're not doing well.
And you know, these pace greens are kind of a good warm up because you know next week they're not going to be really fast, so it's not like you're going from slow to fast or fast to slow. Sure, it's a different style, but I think playing is helpful.

Q. Were you working on anything particular for next week while you were here?
DAVIS LOVE, III: No. Just trying to play and work on my routines is really what I need to work on, just get used to hitting shots and being a little more positive, thinking the right things. So just playing golf is good for me.

Q. Do you think you accomplished that for yourself? Do you have a good frame of mind going over?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah, you know, I played good every day in stretches. I had a couple bad holes every day, and other than that I was right there kind of all week. So I don't think I was right there to challenge Steve, but I was right there and played well enough to at least finish second, so I'm excited about next week.

Q. I want to ask some players about military day. You see the American flag on pin 15 and what that all means to you.
DAVIS LOVE, III: Well, they're doing a little bit to give back to what they've done for us. I think it's great. Week in and week out on the TOUR there's military appreciation days. There's tents for them. You know, they get in free a lot of places, so it's just nice to give something back.

Q. Can you talk about Steve, I think we've been talking to a lot of golfers and everyone wants to win it themselves but to see someone like Steve have success, it seems like that's a good thing and you guys kind of root for him.
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah. Everybody's rooting for Steve if they can't win, you know, because three in a row is pretty special. And you know, he plays well when he comes here and you gotta play well to beat him. I played with him nine holes in the practice round and didn't play that great and then comes right out Thursday morning and ready to go again. He's always the man to beat here, and I wish I'd have played a little better, but I'm glad he's doing well.

Q. A likeable guy.
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah. He's one of the nicest guys out here, one of the most humble guys out here. You know, for being one of the best players in the world you'd never really know it around the locker room or around the gym. He's one of the nicest, friendliest guys out here.

Q. How much is heat playing into today's round?
DAVIS LOVE, III: It was not fun. It was hot. I was as wet as I've ever been coming off the golf course. It's just a weird humidity. I guess we're going to get lucky if we can get this one in today with this humidity.

Q. Thanks, Davis.

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