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July 9, 2011

Mark Wilson


Q. A little bit of a statistical anomaly. I don't know if that's the right word to a mathematician.

Q. But you don't have any bogeys.
MARK WILSON: I know. It's weird. Yeah, I made a bad swing on 6, but the one on 16 I'll go to my grave thinking I made a good swing. It felt really good. I was kind of aiming halfway between the pin and the water, just kind of letting the wind kind of bring it back and it just smoked it right through the wind and hit a little left and long.
It's one of those shots I guess pulls always feel a little good, you know. And felt so good, so that one kind of hurt. That one didn't make sense.
I played really well, other than that weird thing and then the bad swing on 6.

Q. You've got the leaders in your sights, but you need kind of a high parlance scope.
MARK WILSON: What's leading right now? Is Brendon leading.

Q. Strick is at 20?
MARK WILSON: He's a 20? Okay.

Q. Yeah.
MARK WILSON: Yeah. I'll have to go low tomorrow. It's out there, I know that. I've made plenty of birdies this week. I'm going to try to do that again, get a few more birdies and eliminate the mistakes.

Q. Yeah. We talked about yesterday. You made one mistake yesterday and just one or two --
MARK WILSON: I made four mistakes today on two holes. I had them all in close.

Q. So you just make as many birdies as you can tomorrow; right?
MARK WILSON: That's the plan, yeah. They're out there, right? They're out there. I like how the course is playing. It's playing right to my strengths, so try and get the putter hot.

Q. You played with Steve for two days already. You saw him playing and he's as solid as can be now; right?
MARK WILSON: That's what I saw. Yeah. It sounds like he's doing the same today.

Q. Okay, Mark. Thank you.

Q. Your birdies today, anything that particularly got you going?
MARK WILSON: Just always good, birdieing the first two. It was kind of nice, and then I guess it was nice to get the one in on 10 as I made the turn. It was really a par save on 9. I hit it way left of the green and managed to make a 25-footer for par that kind of kept me in the day. And if I didn't have that double on 16, it would have been a really good round.

Q. Like you were saying, with the scores that are being out there every day, tomorrow you gotta come with that mindset again. You gotta get the score low?
MARK WILSON: Yeah. Every day out here, and it's probably a good thing that Steve's going to be at 20 or something like that. So you got a long way to go. It's almost a better position to be trying to chase someone that's way out in front of you, especially on a course like this where you gotta make birdies versus being a little cautious if I'm really close and hoping someone might stumble. I'm going to have to have a great round to be out on top -- to end up on top tomorrow.

Q. Thanks a lot.

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