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September 4, 1994

Patrick McEnroe

Jared Palmer


Q. Patrick, a lot of the players on the Tour have complained about the Jensens. Do they bother you at all?

PATRICK McENROE: No, I don't think guys are complaining. I just think that you can't deny the fact that they are entertaining. I think, you know, the players admit that that is good for tennis, that is the bottom line. I haven't heard really too many guys necessarily complaining, you know, I can't say that many guys didn't come up to us and say, "Hey, you guys win this match."

Q. Do you think everybody is rooting for you?

PATRICK McENROE: Maybe the players, I don't know about the fans.

Q. Do you think they are good for tennis?

PATRICK McENROE: I think they are, yeah. Why not? You got a lot of people; we have got packed grandstand out there for third round doubles match, it is great. I think, you know, we are happy to go out there and play in front of a lot of people and we are also really happy that we showed who the best team was and that is the bottom line.

Q. How about you, Jared?

JARED PALMER: Yeah, I think the same thing, that you have a third round doubles match that normally might get put out on an outside court and you get a packed Grandstand court from the start and a lot of interest. I mean, I have never seen so many people there for an early round doubles match. That can only help the game and it is a step in the right direction, I would think.

Q. Is it fun to play against them? Do you recent them at all as "hot dogs"?

JARED PALMER: We won today, so, you know, they weren't really much of a factor. I didn't think, at least for us. I think that that was a pretty straight-up match and I think maybe if we had lost, we might feel differently, but I thought that they were fair. They didn't do anything to try and get under our skin, really, other than just getting really excited, which is how they play well.

Q. Because it wasn't close?


Q. Isn't that a fair assessment, if you had gone into a third set, why they might have been. . .

PATRICK McENROE: Of course, we didn't let them go crazy. They were champing at the bit wanting to do something. We just played well, played our games. Of course, if the match was closer, if they had more chances, you know-- they would have been going nuts?

JARED PALMER: That is okay. We don't -- why not. We, as players are used to anything both Jared and I played some Davis Cup matches in foreign countries, so that is not really going to be a problem for us.

Q. If it had been a close match and they were cheering and playing to the crowd so much when they were successful on points, would you take that personally, or would you feel like it is directed at the crowd? Do they ever direct it at the other team?

PATRICK McENROE: Not as far as I can see.

JARED PALMER: I haven't seen that either. It's like Bud said, it wasn't a close match.

Q. Talking hypothetically--

JARED PALMER: I don't know the extent that they are willing to go to pipe out. Today wasn't that close, so we didn't have much of an opportunity to see.

Q. Is it hard for you guys to take them seriously as tennis players?

JARED PALMER: Not really. They won the French Open. I mean, they can play, but.

PATRICK McENROE: We took them seriously today and I think it showed. If we didn't go out there and be ready to play and be ready to deal with not only their games, I mean, they can play well. They can serve well. They can return some good shots, and if we weren't taking them seriously, we would still be out there. We took them seriously and we played well and did what we had to do.

Q. Do teams that have the same clothing sponsors, wear the same shirts, uniforms in a sense?

PATRICK McENROE: You got me.


Q. You guys don't have the same clothing sponsor?


Q. If you did, would you like to have a uniform in the way the Jensen brothers would that make doubles more interesting?

JARED PALMER: I don't know.

PATRICK McENROE: I don't think so, no.

Q. Used to be a rule a long time ago?

PATRICK McENROE: Well, yeah, same color.

JARED PALMER: I couldn't wear A black shirt.

PATRICK McENROE: Used to have to wear the exact same thing?

BUD COLLINS: Yeah, before everybody was sponsored a long while ago, 15 something years. Is that hard receiving a serve when he hits first one lefthanded and second one righthanded.

JARED PALMER: A little bit. I thought a little bit. He got me a couple of times. Because you get used to reading the ball going one way and then it comes the other way, but it is not like you can't see it coming either.

PATRICK McENROE: If he can throw it up and then decide in the air, that would really be tough.

Q. He did it on a smash, not too much avail?

PATRICK McENROE: Didn't work too well.

Q. I thought one in the last game there, he hit that easy overhead. He switched hands at the last second. Is that a time where the show gets in the way of the result? Did you notice that he --

JARED PALMER: I don't know because he would otherwise have had to have hit a high backhand volley, probably would have been in the point any way. So, I mean, he should have ended the point. It looked like because he switched hands, but if he hadn't switched hands, I mean, that is a difficult shot.

Q. Can I also ask either of you, you acknowledge that the crowds were very unusual for a third round doubles match. Do you think the players look at that and get any message from that?

JARED PALMER: Which players?

Q. All the players. Do they take a message from that by looking at how they were late to relate to the crowds?

PATRICK McENROE: I think they definitely should. I can't, you know, no one is going to deny that, you ask me before about would it annoy you in a certain sense. There are guys that get annoyed by their antics, no question. I don't think they deliberately do it to try to mess with the opposition. But I definitely think, guys, go look at this, they are doing -- you know, high fiving the guys in the crowd. Hey, I mean, like you said, I definitely think that guys should take notice. I think you have to draw a line at some point, you know, to when-- I think tennis should be able to speak for itself, but at the same time, you know, we can do more things to get people involved.

Q. What have you taken away from watching them or playing against them in terms of how -- your game? Not in terms of playing your game better, but in terms of showmanship. You say people should take notice, what have you noticed?

PATRICK McENROE: I noticed getting the crowd into the matches more. Having a bit of rapport with the crowd; you know, everyone is their own person is the bottom line. You are not going to turn Jared into, you know, high fiving with the crowd or me or something like that. But at the same time, you know, a little bit more interaction. Just, you know, do your own thing and not to feel like, hey, that is their thing, and if that is good and if that is what they want to do, you know, more power to them.

Q. You could learn to serve left handed?

PATRICK McENROE: That is a good point.

Q. What does Tom Gullikson say about when he will make the decision about the doubles team for the next--

JARED PALMER: This is actually a question not concerning the Jensens.

BUD COLLINS: It is concerning you.

JARED PALMER: I don't think -- I haven't talked to him and-- I mean, about specifics. I think he is just waiting to see what happens.

Q. Do you think he is waiting to see the results in this tournament from various players?

JARED PALMER: I would think, yeah.

Q. John Stark a definite possibility?

JARED PALMER: I would think, yeah.

BUD COLLINS: Thanks a lot, but I wanted to ask one more question. I wondered, we agreed that there are very lively and everything, I wondered how you felt about putting a microphone on Murphy last night in the mixed doubles, after all, it is part of the tournament.

PATRICK McENROE: I thought it was absurd. I mean, if they did it during my match, you know, I wouldn't-- I think you can disallow it. I think you can say.

BUD COLLINS: I would think so.

End of FastScripts….

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