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July 8, 2011

Albert Costa

David Ferrer


D. FERRER/A. Roddick
7-6, 7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I think all week, the pre-press conferences and today, both of you said you felt comfortable on the surface, confident in the team. It played out this far in your favor. Can you both talk about being 2-0 up.
CAPTAIN COSTA: Well, we did a good week of practice. We were feeling good in the court. Of course, is not our best surface. We never choose this surface at home.
But these guys are very good. They have the talent to play in all kind of surfaces. I think they did a great job today. So just congratulate the players. But we have to know that still is a lot of work to do. Nothing is over yet, for sure. So we will have to fight a lot.
DAVID FERRER: Well, the same like him, no? We practice this week. We were adapted, of course. We make a very good result today.
But we know is not finished the tie, no? We know tomorrow maybe is the most difficult point. Now we want to enjoy this moment and we will focus for tomorrow.

Q. David, talk about the first set. You're down 5-4, 40-Love, hit that one volley at your feet... And also the challenge, it was Al that requested the challenge.
DAVID FERRER: I saw to Albert.
It was unbelievable, the first set. I did a lot of breakpoints. I not convert. With 5-4, 40-Love for him, when I did the break up, it was the gift. When I won the first set, I can play with more confidence with my game, more consistent.
It was not easy, no? Andy, he serve really, really good. I played all the match with my return, no? I return unbelievable in this match. It was the key. I'm very happy with my game, of course.

Q. Can you talk about the challenge.
CAPTAIN COSTA: Well, he hit the ball and I saw that the ball was good. He was like not complaining, not saying nothing. I yelled to him, Maybe you have to challenge.
DAVID FERRER: Yeah, I saw to him and he told me.
CAPTAIN COSTA: And he did the challenge. It was very close ball. I said, Okay, now is a set point, we have to challenge this ball. Lucky we did because it was for one set down.
DAVID FERRER: It's important.
CAPTAIN COSTA: It was an important moment (laughter).

Q. David, are you surprised to have won in straight sets, given that Andy is from Austin and the crowd is obviously in support of the United States?
DAVID FERRER: Well, a little bit, no? To beat to Andy in three sets I know is very difficult. I tell you what was the key in the first set.
I won in three sets. But the match, it was very tough, very good rallies. So it was three sets, but very difficult three sets.

Q. Jim Courier said your return of serve was about the best he ever saw against Andy. What were you doing to return so well?
DAVID FERRER: Is my game. I know my return is very important for me.
CAPTAIN COSTA: Unbelievable always.
DAVID FERRER: I don't have the power of serve like Andy. For to beat Andy, I need to return really good all the match.

Q. How are you approaching your match if you were to play Mardy on Sunday?
DAVID FERRER: Well, now I want to focus with tomorrow, the doubles. But after tomorrow, because maybe I will don't play. Maybe play Verdasco, Marcel. We'll have a lot of chance. Now I want to relax and we'll be focused for tomorrow because it's a very important point.

Q. Do you know your doubles team for tomorrow or have you made that decision yet?
CAPTAIN COSTA: I know the doubles team, but I will not tell you. We'll see tomorrow what happen, so...

Q. So we're going to see Lopez in doubles?
CAPTAIN COSTA: I know, but I'm not going to tell you (laughter). Normally they have to play because in the draw was like this. But I don't know, maybe we do some changes. We'll see what happens.

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