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July 8, 2011

Angela Stanford


THE MODERATOR: Angela Stanford at even par. Just talk about your round and give some general comments.
ANGELA STANFORD: I tried to keep it as steady as possible today. Knew that obviously we were going to play 36, so really just tried to keep an even keel emotionally and just tried to give myself a lot of opportunities.

Q. Did you play 36?
ANGELA STANFORD: I did. We completed 36.

Q. How often do you do that? Not very often?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think we counted, since '06, we have had to play more than 18, in the 30s, four times? Rhode Island, Pine Needles, last year, this year. It's tough at a U.S. Open.

Q. Not an easy course to walk, either.
ANGELA STANFORD: No. I feel better than I thought I would right now, but that might still be some of the adrenaline.
I think I feel good because I'm finished.

Q. How much time did you have between? About an hour?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think so, but we had to take the shuttle out to 10, so it was a little shorter.

Q. As you were maybe in the last 9, did you feel some fatigue?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, when we had to come in for the rain delay, I didn't know whether I should sit down or stand up. I was afraid if I sat down I wasn't gonna be able to stand up.
I was a little nervous when we went out to finish the last four holes. Fortunately I made two birdies, but I was a little nervous, because I think if we would have sat much longer it would have been tough.

Q. Both ends of the spectrum, yesterday and today, feast and famine, which would you prefer?
ANGELA STANFORD: I'm happy right now. I told my caddie walking up one of the fairways, At least one of our two rounds had a flow to them. I mean, the little rain delay, but I think it would have been hard to hit a few shots today, tonight, and then go to sleep, get back out here at 7:00, play a round or even show up this morning, play two holes, and then have all day.
So I think right now I feel like I got the better end of the deal.

Q. You said it's tougher at a U.S. Open to play 36. Is it just the mental...
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, you know, it was funny. We had to start on 10. On 11 I missed a three-footer, and for some reason I thought it was going to left and the mountain is left.
I thought, Oh, no, you know. I mean, we still have a whole 'nother round and I'm already mentally kind of fried here.
I think sometimes at a U.S. Open it's more mental than physical in the 36.

Q. When they pull you in and off the course, is it mentally draining more so than physically draining?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, because you have to find something to keep your mind off of it. You have to figure out how to stay in a rhythm. So there are a lot of different things.
I mean, physically all you've got to do is sit and put your feet up. Mentally you've got to figure out, should I be watching a TV show, should I be listening to music, talking to my family? So I think it's more mentally drain.

Q. How do you keep focused?
ANGELA STANFORD: Ah, you know, I think because I've had some family and friends here it's been easy. You know, it's been kind of nice hanging out with them and not really talking about golf.
So they've helped.

Q. It's already tough enough to play an Open, but then now you talk about the mountain and also the altitude; Juli Inkster was talking about having a graph for club selection. Does that really come into play a lot?
ANGELA STANFORD: There is a lot more to think about here than normal U.S. Opens with the altitude, and then -- I mean, there's really -- I mean, there's never a time in a U.S. Open to relax, but there is really not one here, because I mean, I'm not a math major, so...
I mean, maybe that's helped me play one shot at a time, because I'm having a hard time doing all the math. You really don't have a chance to let down here.

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