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July 8, 2011

Lizette Salas


PETE KOWALSKI: After the completion of the first round, 2-under par, Lizette Salas.

Q. Can you sum up your day?
LIZETTE SALAS: Well, I started off with a four-foot putt on my first hole, which I didn't finish yesterday. Made that and just basically hit fairways and greens and occasionally made birdie.
Made my first bogey on 12. I missed the green and didn't may my par put.
Made a really good 35-footer on I believe 15. Got me back to 2-under.
From then on just played consistent, hitting fairways and greens.
And hit a really good putt on 18.
So far so good.

Q. So you didn't even play one hole on the first day?

Q. Was that a little frustrating?
LIZETTE SALAS: It was, but, you know, you have to deal with it. I don't really like those four-footers, downhill slider to the right, but I made that and made birdie on the next hole, which was really good.
Just played my kind of golf, which is fairways and greens, and can two-putt from basically anywhere. Tried not to three-putt, which is good. Missed a couple greens, but got up-and-down most of the time.

Q. Is this something that you expected, or are you surpassing your...
LIZETTE SALAS: No, I definitely did not expect this. I've been playing consistent these last two weeks on the LPGA Futures Tour, and it's any second Open. Just having fun and not having expectation for myself.
It's been good so far.

Q. The bit of rain we got yesterday, did it soften the course or the greens a little bit?
LIZETTE SALAS: Maybe it did soften the greens a little bit, not too much the fairways. I think there was quite a bit of wind this afternoon, so might get a little firm in the afternoon, but not too fast.

Q. The draw here kind of favored you with the way the weather went. Now you don't have a whole lot time. You take in a good round and go right into your next round basically.
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, just get a nice little break and get something in my system. I was really hungry coming in. Yeah, just having those shots in my head from the previous round is really good. Just see what happens in the next rounds. Hopefully I can finish.

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