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July 8, 2011

Amy Anderson


Q. As an amateur, you're right now currently the leader at the Women's Open. Does that feel to you? What does that do to your head?
AMY ANDERSON: It's exciting; hasn't sunk in. To me it's felt like another tournament, you know, just on the tour. But the gallery makes it a little bit real and they're cheering when you make a birdie, so it's really exciting.
And I think after this afternoon it will have sunk in a little bit more.

Q. What was it in your game today that made the 2-under possible? What did you do well?
AMY ANDERSON: You know, I made some pretty key putts four to five feet. I was really solid. I only missed one fairway. I didn't miss a fairway today, just one in the whole round. That helped a lot.

Q. Playing as well as you did and only having to play about four or five holes, were you nervous when you came out this morning?
AMY ANDERSON: You know, I really wasn't, which I was surprised about.
I had a little trouble adjusting to the greens right away. I had a putt, 15-foot putt, and I left it about four feet short. So, you know, my momentum stopped a little bit, but then I made the putt, which was pretty key.

Q. Were they slower this morning, the greens?
AMY ANDERSON: You know, they really weren't. I was expecting them to be faster. They looked and felt a little faster, but they weren't. They were very much the same.

Q. What was your first shot of the day? Tee shot?
AMY ANDERSON: It was about a 15-foot putt.

Q. What are your plans now for the day?
AMY ANDERSON: I'll probably hit some balls, maybe putt a little bit, and then just go relax.

Q. The birdie you made on 17, what was the length of that putt?
AMY ANDERSON: Probably about seven feet.

Q. With Nathan on your bag, your brother, how is he helping you out?
AMY ANDERSON: Oh, he's helping a lot, especially on the greens.
He knows basically how things are gonna break. I misjudge a lot of things, but he has it pretty much spot on most of the time.
And then also club selection. Hole 16, I was thinking 6-iron, and he said, No, there's too much wind, 5-iron. And 5-iron was perfect.

Q. How about on the shot coming onto 18 there off the fringe, was he any assistance on that? How did he go about selecting?
AMY ANDERSON: Because of the mountain I thought it was gonna be a little bit downhill. He said, You know what? This is uphill. Don't worry about the mountain. This is the way it is.
If I had played it the way I thought, I probably would have barely got it on the green. So he assisted a lot there.

Q. I noticed your coach was in the crowd, also. Was he of any assistance yesterday during the break?
AMY ANDERSON: Um, you know, we worked on a little bit, but, I mean, during the break we didn't really get to hit anything. So I was just talking with him and stuff.

Q. How does Nathan get his info on the greens? Has he just scouted them this week or played them before?
AMY ANDERSON: No, he just scouted them this week. He's really analytical, figures things out a lot better than I would. He has a great mind for that.

Q. He has them charted?

Q. Can you talk about sleeping on the lead last night? How did that feel?
AMY ANDERSON: It was fine. I went home, and I was staying with my cousins, so I was just chilling with them. Went to bed. I just didn't really think about it too much. I don't know. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. This is just the first round. Half the people hadn't teed off yet. I was trying to keep my momentum a little bit.

Q. Your cousins live in this area?
AMY ANDERSON: They're about 20 miles north, I suppose.

Q. Have you been to this area before?
AMY ANDERSON: About 10 years ago.

Q. Probably didn't play when you were here before?

Q. You have quite an entourage of 40 friends/relatives following you. Does that help you?
AMY ANDERSON: Oh, absolutely. I love it. They're out there supporting me. Even if I miss a putt or whatever, they're just excited for me, cheering for me. It makes it fun when I hit a great shot or a putt.

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