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July 7, 2011

Lee Janzen


Q. You start your round with 9, 30. That kind of sets the stage for a pretty good day.
LEE JANZEN: I don't know which one the outward nine, the inward nine is. My last nine holes was a 30.

Q. Okay.
LEE JANZEN: Yeah. I started out 5, 5 and those were the last 5s of the day, so 1-over after two, and the short four was drivable today, No. 14. I actually did well to make a par there, and felt like that was a good way to battle on that hole.
Certainly not the end of the world if I had bogeyed it, but just to par the hole in trouble I think just turned my momentum around a little bit, even though I didn't make another birdie -- my first birdie until 17, my eighth hole, No. 17 and then the front nine was really good. Actually I didn't know until I added up my scorecard that it was a 30.

Q. Yeah. You had me a little confused there. You hit it good today, though. I watched the last few holes. Seems like you were swinging at it really good.
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, the only two greens that I missed were 14, which I just drove in a bad spot and No. 9 I almost made a 2 and it just rolled past the hole on the back fringe, so it wasn't very far from the hole. So that's good hitting it on the green a lot.
My speed with my putts could be a little bit better. I might have made a couple more putts, but 5-under is a very good round here. The course is in great shape and playing very well. Light wind, so we had a good chance today to shoot a good score.

Q. Great to see you playing well. I know it's early in the tournament, but does this give you a lot of confidence?
LEE JANZEN: Well, it feels pretty good to shoot a good score. You know, I've shot plenty of good scores the last few years, and the state of your game determines your confidence, so if it was like a fluke shooting a 66, you know, then I'd still be worried, you know, how many I going to do this the next three days, but I've had a pretty good idea of what I'm doing hitting the ball.
I'm getting old enough now it's really just a matter I have to work a lot harder for everything to feel good and not interfere with my swing or anything.

Q. It looked great today. Keep it going.
LEE JANZEN: Thanks. Appreciate it.

Q. You gotta be thrilled with the start you were able to get off to today.
LEE JANZEN: It's a good start. I would say I'm fairly happy. I don't know about thrilled. If I'd have made a double eagle, now, that's thrilling, or maybe holed the 6-iron on the last hole. I guess it just barely went by the hole.
But anyway, four rounds. It's a quarter of the way done. It's a good start, so I know now at least another good round tomorrow I should be right in the middle of where I want to be.

Q. Some of the players were saying the course is playing a little faster and a little firmer than the last couple of years. The good numbers are out there and you gotta get off to a good start, but we may not see the low, low numbers like Strick and Paul Goydos put up last year?
LEE JANZEN: Right. Soft conditions, light winds you're going to see really low scores because you just fire at the pin, the ball stops dead right where it lands.
The course is playing much faster this year, so even off the tee you have to be careful what line you hit it. Guys may hit less clubs off the tee and leave themselves a little longer shot, and then also you can't just fire right at the pin.
You have to think about where you're going to land it because you know you can leave yourself a tough downhill putt or if you miss the green -- it's firm enough now that you can't miss the green on the short side because it's fairly difficult to get it near the hole.
So those factors will probably decrease the number of low rounds, but because it's in great shape and these are good players, somebody's still going to shoot a good score.

Q. Was there a certain hole or certain shot that kind of got you going today?
LEE JANZEN: Just battling early to keep from getting too far over par. Three-putted my second hole and I had a couple decent birdie chances, and when I birdied 17, it just felt like I turned things around there. And five birdies on the front, I didn't actually know that until I signed my scorecard. Just playing them one at a time. I kind of wish I'd thought about it playing the last two holes. You don't get a chance to shoot 29 very often.

Q. And the way that you did end, though, that gives you a lot of confidence and a lot of momentum I guess going into tomorrow and the rest of the week?
LEE JANZEN: Well, I feel good about all the things I've been working on, so what I've been working on every part of my game I felt like I did today, you know, that's why you work on it. And I guess that's what confidence is, you have the expectation level that whatever it is you're doing, you're going to keep doing it. So if I do what I did today the next four days, I feel pretty good about things.

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