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July 7, 2011

Juli Inkster


Q. Two-time U.S. Open champion, Juli Inkster, opening at 74. What was the toughest part about the golf course today?
JULI INKSTER: Well, the greens are tricky. They're a little slower than the practice rounds. Just because I think of the moisture and playing early, had a little trouble getting them to the hole.
Hit the ball pretty good today; drove the ball good. Had one double out there. But I didn't take advantage of my shots I had close to the pin.
But it's tough. I mean, it's a grinding golf course.

Q. The math game that everybody is playing about percentages, how much do you take off from each club, do you find it to be a sliding scale or can you rely on one number for each club?
JULI INKSTER: I'm using more of a sliding scale. You know, I think downwind and downhill have a little bit more effect, a little more carry. Seems like when you're going towards the mountains there's a little less.
I just kind of made a graph and I'm just kind of going off that. But as far as club selection, I have to say we did pretty good today.

Q. Do you think the wetness was the big contributing factor to the differences between the practice round conditions and day one conditions?
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, I think so. I played really early. I didn't really play that early in a practice round.
Ball was holding pretty good. The course is in great shape. You know, what you see is what you get. There are no really tricks to it. You just got to go out there and play some good golf.

Q. What would you like to be different - as the horn goes off - tomorrow?
JULI INKSTER: Well, I made two bogeys from teeing the ball up on a par-3. You know, you can't do that. Maybe a little more crisper with my irons.
But as far as I drove the ball and thought my speed of my putts was good. So maybe a few more will drop in tomorrow.

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