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July 7, 2011

Josh Teater


Q. All right. You got off to a good start and just played well all day, didn't you?
JOSH TEATER: I did. I finished late in the Pro Am yesterday, just got a little bit of rest and got back out here and got after it, birdied the first, and I think I made eight or nine pars in a row before I made another birdie, but it was a good day.

Q. And the weather this morning was perfect and the greens were perfect. I mean it was really a good scoring day, wasn't it?
JOSH TEATER: It was, definitely. A lot cooler than it has been, especially yesterday, and no wind to speak of. Just a breath of wind coming up now, but perfect conditions for sure.

Q. How good are those greens?
JOSH TEATER: They were smooth. You know, I had trouble getting a few to the hole uphill early in the day. I think second hole I was front of the green and 40, 50 feet for eagle and left it quite a bit short. Adjusted after that.

Q. Josh, from Morehead State, are you the second most famous athlete behind Phil Sims maybe?
JOSH TEATER: I think so. I got the good word a month ago that I was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame there, so I guess I'll leave something there.

Q. Maybe you'll go there as the John Deere champion. Keep it going.

Q. Can you talk just a little bit about your birdies and your holes today?
JOSH TEATER: Well, I know I birdied 1. I kind of hit it out of the fairway bunker just off the fringe and putted it out of the first cut of rough there. And just happened to find the hole. We all birdied the first hole, so it was a good start.
And then, you know, I had a lot of chances between there and I guess 12 is where I made my next one, the par-3. I had a straight downhill putt there and ran it in; and drivable hole 14, got it up there close to the green, hit a real good running up the hill with a 6-iron to about six feet and made that one. And next hole, I ran in about a 15-footer. And 17 I hit the green in two and two-putted.

Q. Being one of the first groups off, does that help, fresh greens at least on the first nine there?
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, for sure. I was one of the last groups last night in the Pro Am, and they were a little beat up from all the traffic on them over the day, and a lot smoother and rolled a lot better this morning, and you know, you're going to get what you see out there.

Q. You're at five now, just one off the lead. Good spot as you head into day two then?
JOSH TEATER: Oh, for sure. Any time you can play without bogeys any day is good, and to throw in five birdies is even better.

Q. What was kind of clicking for you today?
JOSH TEATER: You know, I had a lot of wedge shots, you know, 130-yard range, and got a lot of practice with that out there. And I wouldn't say I hit any, you know, super close, but you know, I was missing where I had to miss and didn't really pressure myself.
I had one putt on 13, I believe, about an eight-footer I saved for par, but other than that, it was pretty easygoing on tap-in pars and some birdies.

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