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July 3, 2011

Jeff Overton


Q. Obviously not how you wanted to finish your round.
JEFF OVERTON: I wanted to get off to a good start and give myself a little bit of a chance, and I got a little bit out of rhythm with four or five holes to play and got put on the clock, and for whatever reason I didn't have it today.

Q. I know there was a backup a little bit and 8 and 10 and then people getting caught up at certain holes. Was there a little bit of pressure there?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, it kind of messes with your round a little bit, and then we all kind of struggled after the wait on 9 and 10 and 11, and next thing you know we're at 12 and we get put on the clock at 14 after waiting 20 minutes. So it was unfortunate, but it happens, and that's the nature of the game. You've got to be tougher than that, and I just wasn't able to stay in rhythm.

Q. Overall for your four days here, how would you assess it?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I played great. I'm really excited to see this new driver got a lot straighter this week. This is the best I've driven it all week, all year, and not to mention first time I've actually started making putts. I can't remember -- seems like I missed everything I looked at from outside five to 15 feet over the course of the last year, and today and all week it seemed like I played really well, so it was a lot of fun.

Q. Did you do any leaderboard watching?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, right there on the last couple holes I knew I was kind of -- I looked up and it seemed like every time I looked at Nick would keep making birdies, too. He's playing great, and we'll see how he does, but hats off to the guy that wins.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about Aronimink possibly hosting a major. What do you think about that?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I love the turf and the layout. The layout is great, and the turf, you get some -- when you get the ball on the fairway you really get rewarded, and the greens are perfect. I don't know if I've played on greens all year that are this good. It would be kind of nice to have a major on greens that are that good, yeah.
The golf course is just awesome. The greens were rolling great. I had the putter going, and then we got put on the clock there, and it just kind of threw me out of my rhythm a little bit, and next thing you know I had a couple of hiccups and hit a poor tee shot on 18. It would have been nice if I could have hit a good tee shot. I've been driving the ball so well all week. If I could have just hit my little draw down there and had a wedge in, it could have made it interesting.

Q. Did you get put on the clock after making the birdie at 12, heading to 13, 14?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, we got put on the clock right after that hole I made bogey on, 14. We had a big, huge wait on 8 and then you get lapped because a couple people in your group have a couple bad holes, and next thing you know everybody is kind of struggling for a few holes, next thing you know you get put on the clock. It's kind of the nature of the game.

Q. Still, this is going to be a really good tournament for you.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I had a good tournament here last year. I love this golf course. It sets up well for me visually. It always seems like I drive it well here, and then I putted well here, too, which is a key, I think. Any time you play a golf course with long rough and fast greens, if you can hit it straight and putt it well you'll have a good chance.

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