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July 2, 2011

Brianna Do


THE MODERATOR: We're here with Brianna Do, our 2011 U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links Champion, the 35th Championship. You get a pretty thing with that anniversary there. What's it feel like to have that trophy sitting next to you?
BRIANNA DO: I don't really know what it feels like right now. I don't think it's hit me. But it feels good as of right now. I don't really know how to describe it.
THE MODERATOR: Tell us about the day. It was a very long day, and you didn't leave very many, but you got the one that counted.
BRIANNA DO: Yeah, I was pretty much behind most of the day. I was down 3 sometimes in the second 18, and I just kind of took my time. Was patient and kind of chipped away at it. Got back to all square, one up, one down. The last two holes is where it counted. My putting kind of showed up that day in those two holes.

Q. Can you kind of talk about did you ever get worried when you were down 3 holes? Were you ever leery at any point?
BRIANNA DO: I mean, mentally I was at that point I was like, okay, let's try not to lose by a really big margin. It's probably not the way to think, but that's how I was thinking.
But I mean, I played and I hit some really good shots after I was 3 down, and I had some really good opportunities. I just took advantage, and got it back to all square, and then I kept it around being 1-down or 1-up.

Q. Can you go through, well, the 35th hole, I guess?
BRIANNA DO: I hit a really good drive, a lot better than the morning round. Then I just wanted to lay it up safe just so I can see the pin and kind of have a wedge shot up in there. Hit a really good second shot. The wedge shot -- my wedge play was really great this week. Maybe not on the little short ones, but like the 30-plus yards to 70, I felt like I was doing really well with those.
I kind of hit it to a spot where I was in the morning. So I knew the putt. I knew where it broke and how it went, so I was just very confident on the putt and just made it. So going to 18 all squared was a lot better than going in 1-down knowing you have to birdie to keep it going.
My drive was just perfect on 18. If I had to hit it again, I would probably do the same thing. I wouldn't hit 3-wood out left or anything.
My second shot had a little downhill lie, and I was like, okay, just whatever you do, don't pull it. Just hit the ground.

Q. Had you done that earlier?
BRIANNA DO: I guess that's why I was thinking like that. I hit a really good second shot up there, and I thought, okay. Marissa was out. She putted first, and she kind of left herself with a long second putt, and I was like, okay, just good speed. I don't have to make it, but it would be nice that I made it. I just two-putted and she missed.

Q. So here you are.
BRIANNA DO: Yeah (laughing).

Q. Considering everything that you've gone through over the last few months working on your game and whatnot, what does this mean to you?
BRIANNA DO: It means a lot. I mean, it's a National Championship and not to bring down the win of the UCLA team, but the five that played at that tournament kind of have a different meaning with that National Championship, because they were part of it. They, you know, played in it, and this one is kind of my own.
I am a Bruin, and I'm representing a Bruin this week, but this is kind of my National Championship.

Q. So this week was your mom, your dad, your sister, and the dog. You were kind of outnumbered today?
BRIANNA DO: Yeah, yeah, I definitely did. I mean, it was hard at first because they were like, go Marissa or like one time, you know, just little lines. And I was like, okay, I'm not going to let it get to me because, why? It's not going to help me in any way. It's just going to hurt me. I just kind of put it off.
I mean, I had my sunglasses on on half of the last 18, and I just kind of did my own thing. I kind of ignored it. Definitely a lot of people for the other side today.

Q. You seem to have a game face.

Q. I see you after the round and you're bubbly and happy, and during the round you're just dead focused. Is that what you normally do?
BRIANNA DO: Normally? I don't think I'm normally like that, but I don't know. This week I felt like I had to be because there are so many things going on. There is the wind, the golf course, there is your opponent. There are just so many things that I kind of had to go into tunnel vision, I guess.

Q. So your dad kind of cracked me up, especially when he sits down. He's just so excited. Can you just talk about how he helped you today or if you just block it out when he gets excited?
BRIANNA DO: A lot of times I just kind of block it out, because a lot of times it doesn't really help because he's like, oh, where did she go? Where'd you go? Where's the ball? Are you safe, is it okay? I'm like, dad, you need to call down.
A lot of times he's like on putts, like, you know, I had a little bit of trouble putting today. But he'd be like, oh, easy, easy. Then the ball was still short. I'm like, are you kidding me? Come on. But he means well. That's just my dad. He's very animated, yeah.

Q. The history of this trophy that you've just won, people have won in the past they've gone on to do some pretty spectacular things or some of them have. What do you see in your future somewhat are your goals?
BRIANNA DO: I haven't really thought about that. Yeah, I just won the Women's Amateur Public Links, but that doesn't say you're going to be an awesome professional golfer or anything. It just means I played well this week, and I worked hard for it, and I just need to keep doing that to do more great things.

Q. What was last night like for you? Were you nervous?
BRIANNA DO: Yes and no, I guess. I was trying not to be. But with all the Facebook, Twitter, and text messages, everyone's like oh, congrats. You made it to the finals, it's kind of hard not to think about the finals.
But I felt good. I went to bed early, and was like, okay, it's another day, a new day tomorrow. But I don't think I could say the same for my dad. I'm getting up at 2:30 or something, and he was doing something by the bathroom with the coffee maker. And I was like, what are you doing? Because it's pretty loud. So I was like, why, what time is it? So I thought it was almost time to get up. So I looked at my phone and it was like 2:30. I was like, are you kidding me?
So I went back to bed and I was like okay, just another couple of hours. You're going to need it. So I think my dad was pretty nervous last night.

Q. How did you hold up for three straight 36-hole days? Tense 36-hole days, too.
BRIANNA DO: Yeah, I'm pretty mentally and physically tired. But coming into this week, if you're going to make it to win the championship, you know what you have to do. You know how much golf you play so you kind of have to prepare yourself beforehand for coming into a tournament.

Q. Have you ever heard of Marissa Dodd before this week?

Q. Your impressions?
BRIANNA DO: She's a good player. I think she's going to also have a good college career playing at Wake Forest with Cheyenne. She's a really good putter, and she hits the ball far.

Q. What are the rest of your plans for the summer?
BRIANNA DO: I have the first stage of Q-school in the end of July, and then I'm just playing in the Am and that's it. That's all the time I have because I'll be in summer school, so that takes up a lot of time.

Q. Learning the Romanian?

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