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March 25, 2000

Paul Azinger


PAUL AZINGER: I played exceptionally well. When I did make a mistake, I got really bad breaks, I felt like I think that makes up for all of them right there. What a great hole to do it on. It is probably just ahead of actually the 16th at the Phoenix Open or equally as good anyway. You look at Tiger, if the guy ever did anything mundane, I would be shocked. He can't just make a hole-in-one, he has got to do it on 16 at TPC and Phoenix. He will probably tie my hole-in-one today. Cancel my skin (laughs).

Q. (inaudible) you kept going, good momentum --

PAUL AZINGER: I am hitting it really well considering. I mean, I haven't played 5 of the last 6 events. My elbow has been bugging me a little bit. I was just kind of -- didn't really know what to expect here, but it just all came together really quickly. I am just -- I think I am back on it again with my setup, and I have hit it pretty solid since September last year. And I didn't want to finish that way. I was really aggravated on the 14th hole yesterday, making a bad double-bogey there, but I birdied 15 and 16. And 3-putting 18 was too bad. I played two good shots in there and let my guard down. But today I just tried to play the same kind of steady sensible golf. I didn't feel the course was going to yield those kind of scores, but these guys out in front are playing really well and maybe I could have been a little bit more aggressive today, but all and all, I am hitting it extremely solid.

Q. (inaudible)

PAUL AZINGER: On Tour, man, I don't know, the memory is like the second thing to go isn't it? I have already forgotten the first so, I don't know how many on Tour, maybe three on Tour.

Q. Switching gears, talk about Hal Sutton. Potentially this is a day or an overnight that we are going to be talking a lot about him and his lead tomorrow. Seems like all we hear is how tough it is to knock off Tiger. Now Hal Sutton is the guy that Tiger is trying to knock off. This guy has really elevated his game.

PAUL AZINGER: Hal Sutton's reputation has been always a fierce competitor and he was touted as the next Nicklaus when he came on Tour. His credentials, they speak for themselves. He has got the heart of a lion and he is a great player. There is no disputing that and his desire is strong and as great as Tiger. He doesn't win all these tournaments by 5 and 6 shots. He is winning playoffs and winning by a shot here and there. It is phenomenal what he has been capable of doing and what he has done. I think that a guy like Hal Sutton, you know, almost takes it personal and it will be interesting to see those two guys going at it tomorrow.

Q. What has made the golf course receptive to low scores today?

PAUL AZINGER: Lack of wind is the reason, totally the only reason. The greens are firm. Some greens are harder than others. But if the wind doesn't blow, guys are going to shoot good scores. If nobody shot a good score today in this kind of condition then the course would be tricked up. It is borderline that anyway in a lot of players' minds. I think this year it has been pretty good, pretty fair.

Q. What is that walk like to hit a hole-in-one in that arena?

PAUL AZINGER: You are a little self-conscious because you know everybody is looking at you (laughs). It was -- just something to cherish and to remember your whole life. It is just a special moment that you may never get to have again. I enjoyed it.

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