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July 2, 2011

James Morrison


Q. What's the verdict overall?
JAMES MORRISON: Nothing really sort of too bad. 3-iron on the second, and I thought it was enough to get up and when it finished in the water, I was very, very shocked. I mean, 183 front, 3-iron, up in the wind, I thought it was easily going to make it and when it finished in the water, I was really shocked and after that, pretty steady and a couple of good putts in there and went from there.

Q. The close to your round, 17, couldn't really understand the pitch you played there, the guys were saying it should be on the ground. Where did you see it in the end?
JAMES MORRISON: The second shot was a bit awkward to start with, a sidehill lie and a bit dusty, and chose the wrong choice. Tried to hit a hold-up fade and fatted it and finished in the worst spot possible. My strength is flop shots, as opposed to over bump-and-runs, and the front of those greens are so steep and soft, couldn't really guarantee the first bounce and didn't want to check it on the hill and leave it short. Then the short putt was one of those you're putting down the hill through your shadow, one of those that -- pretty tricky but a poor putt.

Q. Disappointing to finish like that, you have a nice lead going into the final round if you finish well; how do you put that behind you for tomorrow?
JAMES MORRISON: I'm not bothered really. I'm playing good and a couple of funky shots in there. The last hole was close to being -- 4-iron only goes a couple yards right and it's pretty close, bunker shot was a downslope so I played a pretty good shot there. But I'm happy I'm playing well, I'm putting well, and we all know those last few holes there, the Amen Corner of France, I guess you would call it, a strong finish and I played 18 pretty well all week. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. The health issues and all that's been going on, how sweet would it be to win tomorrow?
JAMES MORRISON: Very sweet. It would be nice for her, too. It would be very good.

Q. You've had a difficult start, fought back on the back nine, how was the round?
JAMES MORRISON: Not as up-and-down as it looked really. I played pretty well all day. I mean, as I said before, the double on the second I thought was a pretty good shot and very surprised to see it finish in the water. Pretty hard to start that way, especially final group.
So I battled back to get it back and then poor finish really, a couple wrong choices. But very close either way, could I easily finish par, par, and have a three-shot lead. That's the way it goes.

Q. Course seems to be playing very difficult with the wind picking up, the greens getting harder, is it very hard to keep bogeys off the card?
JAMES MORRISON: It's quite a strong wind and the greens are getting firm and where they put the pins on 15, looks like from where they are in the water. It's pretty tough to keep focussed on where you want to go. Definitely firming up and getting tougher.

Q. What strategy will you have tomorrow?
JAMES MORRISON: The same really. Nothing is going to change. Keep making birdies if I can hang in there until the end and then push at the end for a win.

Q. You said on Thursday that you relish being in the heat of the battle. I think that showed again, didn't it?
JAMES MORRISON: It did. Showed a bit what I've made of in the middle part of the round. Coming in was poor swings and poor putts really, nothing to do with the brain. It's pretty poor swings, wrong choices, wrong decisions, but it's all part of the learning curve.

Q. Is it because this course is maybe mentally tiring that every hole is a real challenge, isn't it?
JAMES MORRISON: There's not one hole where you think, this is an easy hole. For example, 9, I hit a good lay up in the fairway, and then the pitch looked like I had nothing to hit it at and fatted it on to the green and two-putted -- it would have been 120 feet at least. So there's no real let-ups. There's no real easy holes, so it keep hitting good shots and see what happens tomorrow.

Q. What would it mean given what you told us has happened over the last six months, what would it mean to win here?
JAMES MORRISON: It would mean a lot for sure. Not only for my career, but for my family and stuff, it will be a massive thing.

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