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July 2, 2011

Chien-Soon Lu


DAVE SENKO: I'd like to welcome Mr. Lu to the media center, a career best 63, 9-under 63 today, as well as a 36-hole total of 16-under, 128, which is also his best 36-hole score on Tour.
If you could share how you played today.
CHIEN SOON LU: Good driver, irons (laughter).
DAVE SENKO: All aspects of your game were good today.
CHIEN SOON LU: Yeah, it's good. No. 11, six feet for birdie.
DAVE SENKO: You started with bogey at No. 1. Do you remember what happened.
CHIEN SOON LU: Chipped over about five feet and missed it by a foot, which basically is the only putt I missed all day.
DAVE SENKO: Four straight birdies, No. 5, do you remember the par 5?
CHIEN SOON LU: The putt was three feet.
CHIEN SOON LU: Thirty feet.
DAVE SENKO: What club?
DAVE SENKO: Then a birdie at No. 7?
CHIEN SOON LU: Yeah, hit a good drive, 4-iron about eight feet and missed the eagle putt.
CHIEN SOON LU: Another good 35-foot birdie putt up the hill.
DAVE SENKO: No. 10, the par 5.
CHIEN SOON LU: Just off the green on the right. Put it about ten feet by and made that one.
DAVE SENKO: Chipped in on No. 11, how far.
CHIEN SOON LU: 15 feet.
DAVE SENKO: Then another birdie on the par 3, No. 13?
CHIEN SOON LU: That was another 35-footer, 7-iron.
DAVE SENKO: 14, the par 5.
CHIEN SOON LU: In the bunker in two and put it like five feet.
DAVE SENKO: Then 16 and 17?
CHIEN SOON LU: 16, 3-footer with a hybrid, sand wedge, three feet.
17, 6-iron, three feet.

Q. Is this the first time you've had the lead going into the final round on the Champions Tour?
CHIEN SOON LU: Yeah, I think.

Q. How would you describe your year, how you've played this year, compared to last year?
CHIEN SOON LU: This year, a little more accurate off the tees and not making as many putts as last year, and then today, obviously was a big difference making all the putts.

Q. How gratifying is it to be playing after the injuries?
CHIEN SOON LU: Very happy. And how I got over my back problem was exercise and drinking wine. (Laughter).

Q. After bogeying the first hole, you don't want to start a round with a bogey, how was your mind-set that you just stayed together?
CHIEN SOON LU: Even on the Tour here, you have to make so many birdies. Just chalk it up as one mistake and keep going, because 16- or 17- or 18-under is going to win. So you can't really worry about it. Play good.

Q. Did you miss high right on 18?
CHIEN SOON LU: Actually the ball, just misread it.
DAVE SENKO: How far was it.
CHIEN SOON LU: 25 feet.

Q. How did you find the crowds? Were they very receptive and enthusiastic?
CHIEN SOON LU: Very welcoming. I had a good time.

Q. When you come to a tournament, do you have a routine or does it change from tournament to tournament? You're playing so well, have you done anything different than your normal routine?
CHIEN SOON LU: My attitude is if I play well or play bad, just have the same attitude. I'm just happy to be playing golf and enjoying life, enjoying golf. I'm having a good time.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM CHANG: I needed a job. He plays out of my club. It's hard for him to travel. So he needs someone who can speak a little Chinese and some English to get around. We've known each other for a year and a half.
DAVE SENKO: Where is your home?
JIM CHANG: We live in Los Angeles.

Q. Are you going to stick with beer tonight or just go back with wine?
CHIEN SOON LU: Just a little bit of beer.
DAVE SENKO: How much different -- a year ago you were not an exempt player, and you're under an exemption this year. How much difference in the pressure of playing with knowing you're an exempt player, as opposed to qualifying last year several times?
CHIEN SOON LU: One tournament -- this year since I'm exempt, I'm playing more to win, whereas last year, I was just trying to get status and trying to get status on the Tour.

Q. I read that Michael Jordan -- inaudible.
CHIEN SOON LU: Good player. Very, very good player.
DAVE SENKO: He had 11 putts today on the back nine and ten birdies and just the one bogey. So in the two days, he's had 15 birdies and one eagle and just one bogey.

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