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July 2, 2011

Adam Scott


COLIN MURRAY: Adam, thanks for joining us here in the interview room at the AT&T National, bogey-free 66 today and 7-under par for the tournament. Obviously in great position heading into Sunday.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, felt good out there today. I think I managed my game nicely and didn't change my plan even though there seemed to be a lot of low scores out there. I don't really see it, to be honest, with where they put the pins. But I was happy with that; not dropping a shot obviously is doing something right, and you're always moving in the right direction. Hopefully in with a chance tomorrow.
COLIN MURRAY: Anything in particular you saw different in the golf course? I know you said difficult pins, but any softer or anything like that?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think it was softer. I was quite surprised. I think the greens played softer than on Thursday, and that's probably why there were some low scores. If you were really on with your iron play you could challenge it, and I guess a few guys did and made some birdies. But it's still a high-risk shot going at some of those pins.
But also there were a couple pins that were really gettable like on 1 and 11 in particular sitting on the bottom of slopes that can could feed in. There were chances, too. The par-5s were reachable today.

Q. Does your 66 still feel like a really good score when you look around at the 62s and 63s and 64s? Or does it feel more ordinary than you would have thought of a 66 at the start of the day?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, look, I definitely think the course was maybe set up the softest for the week so far. There were a couple forward tees. I don't know that I'd ever call 66 ordinary. I'm quite happy with 66 to be honest. But yeah, it doesn't really stack up against a 62, does it?

Q. You've obviously had a number of good finishes as results the last few years. What's been the difference this last year or two for you?
ADAM SCOTT: I mean, a lot has been different. I've worked really hard on all areas of my game, and I think that's part of it. And I think, you know, my approach to the game certainly has changed a little bit. I think I've got a better structure around me now as far as everything goes. You know, I feel comfortable with everything I'm doing. I feel like I've got a purpose and a plan, and I'm just going about my business, and you know, trying to get results.
I think I'm working on all the right things. It's kind of a long-term plan, and it's a process to become the best player I can possibly be.

Q. When you say approach, what's changed about it?
ADAM SCOTT: You know, the way I set the schedule and prepare for tournaments and make sure I have enough time away from golf or enough time at home to practice to get ready for tournaments or a stretch of tournaments. You know, just really kind of tidying everything up and going about it in the right way. In that way I think I enjoy it a lot more because certainly when you're playing poorly it's a real grind out here, and I don't really want to get myself back in that position. I'm trying to do all the right things and enjoy playing golf out here.

Q. What do you think your plan will be tomorrow going off in threeballs? I think we're supposed to have some rain at some point tomorrow. Does that change things?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it probably will. I mean, I think it'll probably be -- you know, there's a lot of guys in contention, so someone is going to play well, and if the course does soften with a bit of rain, there are going to be numbers out there again.
But depends on where they set the pins and where they set the tees. A bit of wind and a bit of rain could toughen this thing up a bit, and if this rough is wet, you definitely don't want to be in it. We'll just have to see what Mother Nature throws at us tomorrow.
I still think no matter what, it's going to be a tough golf course. It's not easy to break par out here.

Q. I know you said you stuck to your game plan, but was there any temptation at all as you were preparing for this round looking at the scoreboard to say there are some numbers out there, I'm going to go for it?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, not so much before the round, but I looked at a leaderboard on about 9, I think, and I saw quite a few guys had good scores, and at the time I was 2-under. Of course part of you wants to start firing at pins, but you know, for whatever reason, today I was fairly disciplined, and Steve and I just kept picking the target that we thought was the right target for the shot, and you know, I feel like I'm swinging well, but that can go away quickly with one mistake, and you can lose your way on a course like this. I was quite happy to just kind of pick the course apart as I went around.

Q. You made a longish par somewhere on the back. How did you get in that kind of trouble and how did you take on 13?
ADAM SCOTT: I blocked my drive off 15 in the right rough and laid -- my approach shot was in the left bunker. I hit it kind of fat and left myself about a 15-footer maybe, an 18-footer. So it was a good one to make. They're the ones you need to make. That was the only real big par save for me for the day.
When you're making a lot of pars, not that many birdies, those par saves are key, so that was a good one to make.
And I hit driver on 13 into the front bunker, which was a good spot actually to be. There was plenty of green to work with, so that was a chance today. I guess probably a lot of guys went for it. It was a no-brainer for me. It was a yardage where I didn't feel like I could get in a lot of trouble no matter what happened. It was still 310 to the front and being short was okay.
COLIN MURRAY: Adam, thanks for your time.

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