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July 2, 2011

Webb Simpson


Q. I know we're seeing good scoring out there and you had a bogey-free 6-under par. Is the course really that easy or you're just hitting it pretty good?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I made it look a little easy today. I was hitting most of the fairways, most of the greens. With the ball going so far you're going to give yourself plenty of wedge opportunities into greens. I was able to do that. Any time you can come home with a bogey-free round it's a good feeling.

Q. It's what I call a boring round of golf.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, my caddie said, that's the lowest round of the year. I go, 66? He goes, no, we shot 64. It's a good feeling. Par-70s are fun. You can sneak a few low 60s in there.

Q. Does it surprise you the guys are going this low on this golf course?
WEBB SIMPSON: It does. I think we had six wedges in our hand on the front and five on the back, so when you do that the pins are a little more accessible today than they have been. I'm not surprised, but seeing the guys shoot 27 on the back side is pretty impressive no matter where you are.

Q. They put some water on these greens last night. We're going to go in threesomes tomorrow. Are you expecting someone in this crew to go really low?
WEBB SIMPSON: Probably. I mean, if it doesn't rain the fairways are still going to be so firm that we're going to again tomorrow have a lot of short shots. I think it might tick them off a little. They might throw a couple three from the edge, two from the edge, but they did a good job setting it up today. It was fun for the crowd.

Q. Do you think it's going to play tougher for Sunday's final round?
WEBB SIMPSON: Maybe so. I saw some of the pins for tomorrow. They look a little tougher. But again, if it doesn't rain we're going to hit a lot of wedges. I think scores will be low again.

Q. In a sense is it fun to be freed up and play the course the way it is now or was it more fun the first couple of days?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think the beauty of this golf course is a lot of times, even today I'm sitting there with a 100-yard shot and if I miss it a couple yards long I'm going to make bogey, but the pins are in a place where you can get a lot of them close. I think it's super fun for us players. It's not like you're going out there and playing to the middle of the green; we're still having to use our imagination.

Q. Take me through a couple of the birdies today that stand out.
WEBB SIMPSON: I started with 4, hit a 9-iron to about three feet, was a really good shot to kind of kick-start me. And made a ten-footer on 5 for birdie, the par-3. Then 7, hit it about three feet. And 9, par-5, hit it in the greenside bunker and hit it that about three feet.
And then on the back I birdied 16, the par-5. Hit a nice up-and-down on 17, made about a 50-footer, which was fun.

Q. And your thoughts going into tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: I'm excited. You know, this is why we're out here, this is why we try to improve is to give ourselves a chance to win on Sunday, which is what I'm trying to do. I'm excited and looking forward to the challenge.

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