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July 1, 2011

Richie Ramsay


Q. How did your game compared to yesterday?
RICHIE RAMSAY: My game is pretty solid. Played really well. A lot of fairways, a lot of greens and rolled a few putts in.
But overall I would say the attitude was great out there. It's a fantastic course and I'm just trying to enjoy playing it, and hopefully end of the day the numbers add up. And 68-69 is a great start.

Q. First out today is there all a sense of opportunity that there's going to be fresh greens and relatively calm conditions?
RICHIE RAMSAY: You know that you're going to get the best of the greens. It's the alarm call you've got to worry about.

Q. How early was it?
RICHIE RAMSAY: I think it was 5.00, so you've got to get up and get going. But once you get up and get going you know you're going to have a little bit of a chance on the fresh greens and maybe if the wind stays down.
But I just stayed patient. That was the big thing out there because it's not a golf course you can really fire on all cylinders. There's a couple of pins obviously tucked over ledges and then there's a lot of wasps on the golf course.
Like I say, positive attitude and friends in the States have helped me out with that, just having a chat with them and just trying to take that on to the golf course.

Q. Fair to say the golf course a bit firmer and a bit bouncier?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Definitely, yeah. If it stays like that, we'd love it. I'm definitely one of these people that likes playing firm and fast golf courses. I think almost sometimes we don't play enough of them. But when conditions allow it and hopefully the weather stays like this, it will play bouncy, and it will play to the guys who can play right to their game and make it a premium of hitting fairways and hitting greens.

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