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July 1, 2011

James Morrison


Q. Other golfers are finding the golf course very difficult, you find yourself 10-under. Explain yourself.
JAMES MORRISON: Just solid golf really. I mean, I think I probably had the one squirrely shot in two days, been pretty steady, pretty solid. Haven't holed everything but I have played very well, but I've holed a few key putts and it's been a good two days.

Q. What's going through your mind when you birdie three in a row?
JAMES MORRISON: Enjoyment, really, because when the cameras are out, it's always nice when the cameras are following you, because you must know you're doing well, and I enjoy that, not in an arrogant way. Just thought, try and stick in another couple more coming in, did that. And then 8, the par 3, hit 3-iron to about three inches, so that was a nice pick-up birdie really there.
And parred the last. So, yeah, felt very comfortable.

Q. You started the year with five missed cuts, and four missed cuts coming in here. What's been going on with your game?
JAMES MORRISON: Been a lot of things really. A lot of personal things going off the course. My wife's been pretty sick, a couple of cancer scares here and there. We got married in January and it's been a lot of stuff that's been going on apart from my golf and it's been hard to get over, but I'm getting there and I'm starting to play very, very well.
The last two weeks, I played fantastic, missed both cuts by a shot. It's a matter of getting the putts rolling in and I'll get in contention. That's what I've done this week. I've played no different than I have done the last two months really but the putts dropping, I'm feeling more confident and things off the golf course settling down, feeling a bit easier.

Q. You said you play your best golf in contention. Excited about the weekend?
JAMES MORRISON: Over the moon, this course. I drive it straight, I chip and putt well, and the course is there for me this week. So I if I keep my head down and stay patient enough, I can have a good run at it.

Q. You're right there at the top, you have to be more than delighted with the way things are going.
JAMES MORRISON: I'm very delighted, yeah. The golf course really suits me, and if I can keep being patient and keep holing the putts, it will be a nice weekend.

Q. You made the most of your back nine, the front nine on the golf course, is it a case that you have to be careful on those closing holes?
JAMES MORRISON: Obviously, I mean, we all know how tough those finishing holes are. You get slightly out of position and you can rack some numbers up. I played those holes pretty well. 18 was middle of the green two, putts, and 17 was a good birdie putt and 16 was a nice 2-putt and 15 was a good up-and-down.
So nothing was troubling me really. So level par for nine, wasn't really worried. I had a good back nine, my goal was minus three, I'm at minus five, so I'm happy.

Q. Heard you say one of the reasons for your lack of form maybe the last few months is things going on off the course, can you elaborate?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, just before Christmas, my wife, she had a cancerous cyst, and other things come up, a couple cancer scares and we had a couple miscarriages the last three months. And being told we'll never have kids to falling pregnant and two miscarriages, and her health is my priority. We got married in January. I've got Crohn's disease myself and I had a flare-up start of the week and I wasn't going to play up to Wednesday morning, and put on some steroids for the week and I feel it's really calming it down now. So I'm still here.

Q. Is that something you've had to deal with?
JAMES MORRISON: Ten years I've had it, so something I've dealt with and been used to dealing with on a daily basis, and just had a flare-up this week, kind of came out of no where, but feeling better now. A little bit drained but not too bad. So it's been -- actually I've played better with, that because I don't have any expectations. I feel a bit worse for wear and just stroll through the day and I normally play well, so I'm happy.

Q. And a nice rest tomorrow morning because you'll be out late?
JAMES MORRISON: That was a nice thing to sort of have a couple of days staying on site here, get the afternoon done, have a nice afternoon off, late start tomorrow and go from there.

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