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July 1, 2011

Tommy Armour III


DAVE SENKO: Tommy, 65 today, maybe just some thoughts how your round went, and it looks like just the one birdie at No. 12.
TOMMY ARMOUR III: 12 and 16. It was a solid round. I hit the ball pretty good most of the day and my irons got a little iffy at the end but it was pretty good.
I hit it close almost every hole on the front side, made five birdies.
DAVE SENKO: Four in a row there, do you remember how far your putt was on No. 7, the par 5.
TOMMY ARMOUR III: I 2-putted from about 35 feet. The next hole I hit it about ten feet. Next hole I hit it about ten feet. At 1, I hit it about 20 feet and made that.
2, hit it about five feet and missed that.
3, I hit it about 15 feet and missed that.
4, I hit it about eight feet and missed that.
5, a foot from the hole. Next hole, 25 feet.
12, I drove it down there perfect and I had about 104 yards to the hole and hit sand wedge and just didn't quite hit it good enough. It hit that bank and kind of spun back, went in the water.

Q. Nice crowd today?
TOMMY ARMOUR III: Nice crowd today, independence day or Canada Day, a lot of people out there enjoying themselves, great weather good, venue, so it's good.

Q. At the beginning of the day, were you feeling well on the course?
TOMMY ARMOUR III: No, this isn't hot. It's perfect golf weather.

Q. Your performance --
TOMMY ARMOUR III: You mean this year? I kind of played bad the second part of last year and the first part of this year, and I've been working on some things. You know, they are starting to -- I can see good signs. So, yeah, it's nice to get positive feedback.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TOMMY ARMOUR III: Yeah, that's why I'm here.

Q. Nice way to get started.
TOMMY ARMOUR III: Yeah, absolutely. 7-under is better than 6-under and 8-under is better than 7-under. Out here on this tour, you've got to just keep adding them on, because you don't -- you'll get passed.
I learned a long time ago, it is what it is, and you can make a 30 footer and then miss a 3-footer on the next hole. Did you really let one get away, or did you gain one? It's just the game of golf. The whole adage of one shot at a time is boring and old and overdone and used, but it's the truth.
DAVE SENKO: Thanks, Tommy.

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