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July 1, 2011

K.J. Choi


NELSON SILVERIO: We welcome '07 AT&T National champion K.J. Choi to the media center. K.J., course record at the Aronimink Golf Club today. Why don't you talk about what the highlights of your round today were.
KJ CHOI: Today was a very hard hitting tee shot and the second shot, but I'm starting very slow and 11th hole missing right deep in the rough and hit a very hard only 60 yards, and a bogey. Starting turn on the front nine, No. 4, had a birdie and a bunch of irons and make it and a 20-footer and a 15-footer. Anyway, score 6-under par is a course record, but first time. This course is very difficult, and the iron shots are very hard on the greens and very tough over the greens to make par.
Today is more concentration iron play and then good read, better than yesterday, and that's why the good scoring.
Months ago at THE PLAYERS Championship, go to Korea and come back and Byron Nelson and U.S. Open. It's a big schedule. The conditions are tighter than yesterday. Today is more a little better than yesterday. It's more focus on the golf course.
So very happy today at 6-under par, and a total of 7 is very good. Past champion in 2007, I have good memory, and the Tiger Foundation tournament and everything. So far very good field. I've tried my best for two days.

Q. Did you get injured after you won THE PLAYERS or was it just like body fatigue from all the travel?
KJ CHOI: It wasn't an injury or anything like that, it was just fatigue from traveling to Korea and back, and then with the consecutive tournaments, playing Byron Nelson -- I went from TPC, Korea, Byron Nelson, Memorial, then like five days off and then U.S. Open. So it was more jet lag more than anything.

Q. I was just wondering, how small is the margin for error out on this golf course?
KJ CHOI: This course, the tee shot is very difficult, but luckily I've been able to hit the ball off the tee well and put it on the fairway. My irons have been very good this week. I've had good control with the irons. You know, the greens are very difficult, but I think I was able to put the ball on the green and place it where I needed to with my irons. I think I credit my iron play for the good round.

Q. When did you know that you had a special round going? Was there one hole where you sort of said to yourself, okay, today feels like a pretty good day?
KJ CHOI: The first four or five holes I still feel my body was a little bit slow today, but going into probably the 12th hole I felt that I was getting my rhythm back. But with regards to the putter, I think my putter felt good starting from the first hole. I sort of had a trust within myself that I'd be able to play a better front nine, and I was able to make five birdies. So I think that was the key.

Q. It sounded at the beginning that you were surprised you set a course record. Did you know what the record was, and did anybody tell you what it was on the golf course?
KJ CHOI: No, I didn't know, nor did anybody tell me. But as I kept making birdies, I felt that -- I noticed that the reactions of the gallery, the people were very positive, and I started feeling that this was going to be a -- I'm working towards a special round.
Even if I had known what the course record was, I'm not really a records type of a guy. You know, I don't really pay attention to any records. My style is just playing hole by hole, just trying my best each hole, every shot. So when I heard that I tied the course record, I felt very happy, very pleased about that.

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