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June 30, 2011

James Morrison


Q. Well played at 5-under, one shot off the lead heading into round two, it's a nice position to be?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, definitely. It's been a struggle the last few weeks but I've been playing well but not really -- not really holing the putts, and today, nothing different, just a few more putts went in and went from there really.

Q. You look at the statistics and you see missed cuts by a players's name, you assume they are not playing well, but you're saying that's been a different story.
JAMES MORRISON: The start of the year was just bad golf. And I had a good section in Asia there, and then I think I've played, probably the best golf I've played for a good couple of years the last sort of three or four weeks. And my putting is my strength and my putting has gone from hot to very cold.
So I knew it was just a matter of being patient, hanging in there and I did that today and it came good.

Q. Could be a good time of year, I suppose, to get that putter hot again?
JAMES MORRISON: Definitely, yeah. I've got to believe in what I'm doing. And I enjoy being in contention. I think I play my best golf when I'm in contention, and my results have proved that last year. I'm trying to get in contention Thursday morning, as opposed to just sort of letting it go, and just then trying to win Sunday afternoon, not trying to win Thursday morning. I feel I'm doing that and starting to play better golf and the better I play Thursday and Friday, the better chances I'm going to have to win for sure.

Q. What is it about this golf course, a real test.
JAMES MORRISON: It's a test coming in, 18 is 4-iron over water. The pin is in the water from where you're standing, so one of those, you've got to pick targets.
The golf course suits me. I drive it straight and I'm getting longer by the week, with my technique and physical stuff. I feel the golf course is right in my ballpark and I can be patient and keep control, because eventually I'm going to miss a few, and it's a matter of on this course missing in the right places and not compounding those mistakes, so if I can do, that that would be good.

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