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June 30, 2011

Dean Wilson


COLIN MURRAY: Dean, thanks for joining us here in the interview room at the AT&T National. 3-under 67 this morning, good start. Just maybe some opening thoughts on your round this morning and then we'll go from there.
DEAN WILSON: I'm better with the questions (smiling).
Highlight of the round was chipping it in off the green on 16 from about ten yards off the front of the green, so that got me going, and then just played nice and consistent from there, nothing too special.
COLIN MURRAY: Anything jump out about the golf course this morning?
DEAN WILSON: Well, the same thing, just the rough is very long, course is in great shape, greens are rolling nice. I think I'm a bit thankful for that rain earlier in the week. It made it a tiny bit softer so we don't have any crazy bounces. But the course is still showing its teeth. It's a tough course out there.

Q. I was watching The Golf Channel this morning and saw you on the stack & tilt commercial. Did you get a tip from Mike and Andy this week?
DEAN WILSON: For sure, yeah, they're out this week, and Andy used to teach at this golf course so I've actually played this golf course before. But they're out every week, so I'm always working with them and trying to get a little better.

Q. (No microphone.)
DEAN WILSON: I didn't play last year, but I think I have a good grasp on how tough this course is, so I'm really happy with 3-under. I think with the rain earlier in the week, for us this morning and probably for the guys later today, it's going to be a little easier to hold the fairways. You're not going to have too many roll through the fairways or even on the greens, but if the weather stays like this I'm sure it'll firm up and by the end of the week it'll be pretty tough to control your shots.

Q. When was the last time you played here and how many times total did you, and did you remember much of the course when you came back this week?
DEAN WILSON: You know what, I came here one time to work with Andy Plummer. I think we went out on the course and played just the back nine. I remembered the holes because I think this golf course is so beautiful, how can you forget. But went out on Tuesday, I didn't play a practice round on Monday, I went out Tuesday and played and took my notes and got to know the course. But it's always a little different. You don't know how wide the fairways are going to be and where they're going to put the pins, so you've got to be out here and play it a handful of times before you have a good grasp of it.

Q. What year were you here?
DEAN WILSON: I would think it would probably be around 2006.

Q. You mentioned the eagle at 16. How did you play the rest of the round? Did you think there were maybe some birdies out there, or did you just try to go along --
DEAN WILSON: No, I played nicely. I was happy to hole some putts and save some pars when I needed it. On 8, I hit it in the front bunker and hit a pretty good bunker shot from about probably 60 or 70 feet to about ten feet and made that to keep it going, so I was happy with that.
On 1 I hit a bad drive and had to chip back in the fairway so made a bogey there. But every time it seemed like I needed to save a par, I did it, so it was nice to do that and not have too many bogeys on the scorecard.

Q. Coming in here how have you been playing?
DEAN WILSON: You know, I took a few weeks off. I had three weeks off and played last week and made the cut but didn't do anything spectacular, but I felt I was playing okay, just a lot of birdies out there last week so guys went low. I was spotty here and there, but that's how golf goes. Nobody always has it all the time, so you've just got to keep pushing.
COLIN MURRAY: Can you take us through the eagle on 16 and then the birdies on 3 and 5?
DEAN WILSON: Okay. 16, couldn't reach that green, or if I did it would just barely get there, but I tried to get a 3-wood up near the front of the green, and I did. Unfortunately it was in the thick rough, but I flopped one out over the bunker and it -- it was a pretty decent shot, but it luckily hit the pin. It probably would have went about ten feet by, eight feet by. It hit the pin and went in.
No. 3, hit it down the fairway, hit an 8-iron to about maybe 18 feet and in a nice putt, rolled it in there.
No. 6, hit it in the fairway there from about 130 yards; again, hit it to about 15 feet, had a nice putt there. Nothing too spectacular but nice and consistent.
COLIN MURRAY: Dean, thanks for your time. Play well.

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