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June 27, 2011

Kimiko Date Krumm

Shuai Zhang


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Kimiko, what's your suggestion to Shuai if she wants first win in Grand Slam in single? Because she did very good job in doubles with you.
KIMIKO DATE-KRUMM: Yes, last time I explained she play very good, day by day getting better.
So today also she play -- of course she mistake; I mistake also, so it's normal. But most important points, she play very good. Always she has good mental toughness.
Today it's most important for us. We play against the seeded player. One person is from the Chinese Taipei she knows very well. She want to -- I mean, she just concentrate and good fight. So it was big, big winning for her and for me also.
Yeah, and I think when she play in the doubles then she improve also in the singles. Yeah. And just now she learn many things from the doubles also, and then from the practice also.
So I think she will be better, better in the next round and next months and next year, I think.

Q. Will you continue to work with each other for US Open?
KIMIKO DATE-KRUMM: Yeah, in the beginning when I play with her at Australian Open I was not think about the doubles. Then I felt good feeling with her to play doubles.
Then we - I don't remember when - but we decide play together in Roland Garros and Wimbledon. So now both doubles ranking going higher, and then we have chance to play US Open also.
So of course we play together other WTA tournament also. If I'm fit, no injury, we play some more WTA tournaments. Not three, four weeks in row.

Q. Shuai, how comfortable are you playing doubles with Kimiko?
SHUAI ZHANG: Yes, very comfortable.
SHUAI ZHANG: I mean, I'm in baseline and you are in...
KIMIKO DATE-KRUMM: I'm in the net.
SHUAI ZHANG: Yes, very comfortable to play, because you can very quick go put in the easy winner points.
And also, I'm at the net and you are baseline, hit very...
KIMIKO DATE-KRUMM: Stronger, quick.
SHUAI ZHANG: Yes. So I very much more aggressive and we play very good match today. Every day. (Laughter.)
KIMIKO DATE-KRUMM: Yes. She has a lot of confidence at the baseline, and now she try to learn more net play. Then she trying many times the approach and even change direction, hit the body on the down the line, and she try to make a volley.
Now she start a little bit enjoy to play on the net. Already she has confidence at the baseline. Even the speedy ball coming she doesn't -- she very comfortable to play crosscourt and down the line. Always she feel she has confidence.
Now she can use the more option. She has confidence at the baseline, and even she go to the net she start enjoying I think, yes. No?
SHUAI ZHANG: Yes. (Laughter.)

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