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June 27, 2011

Feliciano Lopez


F. LOPEZ/L. Kubot
3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 7-5, 7-5


Q. You must be absolutely delighted with that fight back.

Q. Where did you dig it out from?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Well, I don't know. To be honest, was so difficult for me to come back because he was playing unbelievable. I mean, winners from all over the court, serving, returning, great volleys. I mean, I didn't know what to do to change the way of the match, to be honest.
In the tiebreak in the third set, I was still fighting there. Little bit lucky I came back with the match point with this passing shot. Then I won third set and I have more hopes that I can win the match.
But then also break back in the fourth, came back after 4-All. And the fifth set, it was so close. Anything can happen, to be honest. Was four hours and I don't know. Was a very long match. Both of us were tired, no? Anything can happen, to be honest, on that moment.

Q. Is it your best ever comeback, do you think?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: I don't know how many times I come back after two sets to love down. But it will be probably one of the best.

Q. How do you see playing Andy Murray at his home slam?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Great match to play. I mean, playing in these courts, especially. If you play No. 1 British player, much more. I play Tim Henman once a few years ago when he played his last Wimbledon, and it was such a great experience.
It will be another match enjoyable to play. I want to play this match. I mean, it's No. 4 player in the world, quarterfinals of Wimbledon, this court. So many things to enjoy out there.
Of course, you know, I have to play good if I want to win.

Q. Are you aware of what Andy Murray's mother has been tweeting about you? She's been calling you Deliciano.
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Yeah, we've been talking about this in my last press conference. She's funny. She has great personality.
But, you know, on Wednesday is going to be a family member playing against Deliciano. She won't be supporting me anymore.

Q. You've known them for many years?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Yeah, of course, of course. Also Andy, who was coached by Alex Corretja, which is a good friend of mine. Of course, yeah, we know each other very good.

Q. A question about your coach. Why did you decide to call Alberto two months ago to become at your coach?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Well, I had no coach for one or two weeks and I was looking for someone who really knows me. Alberto, the last year he was on the tour I was practicing with him. He's unbelievable person, first of all. I'm 30 years old now, so I want to take someone to coach me because I need to change so many things in my game now.
It's three or four more years to play. To be honest, I want to enjoy to be in the tour, to be able to play these matches, these kind of matches, like Wednesday, for example. And I think Alberto, he knows me a lot. He gives me confidence. He's such a nice guy. We spend a lot of time together when he was a player, and I think he was the right person to be together with me.

Q. Did you change something in your game or in your mind?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: In my mind, of course. I mean, the problem now basically, I mean, tennis now is 80% here (pointing to his head) and 20% in the game. Especially with me, even more. He wants me to behave good on the court, to fight until the end, and that's all, no? If I do this, my game is going to improve for sure.

Q. He was not on the tour. He didn't coach any player for 10 years.
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Yes, he was a little bit tired of tennis, to be honest. He had a little retirement, like 27 years old or 28 maybe when he stop. After six or seven years, he start doing TV for two or three years. Now he's so happy to be back on the tour.

Q. Do you think your four-hour match will have taken a lot of energy out of you? Will you have enough time to recover?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Yeah, I think so. It's one day off, you know. It was a long match. But I already played a few matches like this, no, long matches in Grand Slams. When you have a day off, you have time to recover, no?

Q. What do you think Murray's strengths are?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Well, what can I say about Andy? He's a great player. He had an easy win, straight sets today, so he must be very confident.

Q. What is it about grass that suits your game? Is it being here at Wimbledon?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: No, I love the grass. I mean, I think the conditions are good for my game. That's all. Since the first time I play here, I already feel this sensation.

Q. Is Andy more beatable on grass than other surfaces?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Not really. He's a very complete player.

Q. Do you fear him at all in the context of a Grand Slam quarterfinal? Have you any reason to fear playing him on Wednesday?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Of course. Of course. I know that if I want to win Andy here, I have to play good. But I have a couple good wins during this tournament. I beat Andy Roddick. I have a great comeback today after two sets to love.
I have to believe that I can win. I know that I have to play good if I want to beat Andy. But I'm ready for the battle.

Q. You haven't beaten him yet in your career. With your new coach, do you have a different mentality now? Do you think you're maybe mentally stronger to take on Andy maybe?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: No, no. I mean, I'm good. I'm in a good shape. And mentally I'm strong now because I won four matches in Wimbledon and I reach the quarterfinals again. So many things that make me happy right now and confident.
But he didn't do like anything in particular to make me stronger.

Q. When was the last time you practiced with Andy and will you speak with him before the match?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Yeah, of course. Why not? Last time I think we played in Los Angeles last year. I think that was the last time we played. No, no. We played in Valencia also. We practice sometimes together. I mean, all the players, we know each other a lot. We play mostly same tournaments year by year, so...

Q. Do you think Judy will talk to you if you beat Andy?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: Why not? I know I'm going to play his son [sic]. But why she won't talk to me anymore?

Q. At the end of the match, you seemed to be giving everything away: racquet, towels. The crowd really lifted you or were they already on your side?
FELICIANO LOPEZ: I think they were both sides a little bit. But I think the crowd in general, they respect a lot the players in Wimbledon. Is such a different crowd than any other tournament in the world.
So they stand up always when the match is over. They respect the game, the player. It's so nice to play here, no? Even more when you win. You give away all that you have.

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