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June 25, 2011

Jarmila Gajdosova


C. WOZNIACKI/J. Gajdosova
6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You didn't seem to have too much faith in Hawk-Eye at one point.
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: I always get it wrong, so...
I tried it a couple times but it never worked for me, so I kind of gave up on that machine.

Q. You argued and said it was out even after Hawk-Eye, didn't you?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Well, okay, from my angle it looks different than from the other side than the machine shows.
Obviously they say it's 99% correct, so...
I am the 1%, so... (laughter.)

Q. Looked out to us as well.
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: You see better than me, young guy.

Q. What do you make of your result today?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: I don't know. I thought I played well. You know, I had my chances. I don't know. I thought it was a pretty good match, to be honest, really.
I'm not sure what to say exactly, because I walked off feeling quite satisfied with the performance. I thought I did a lot of things right.
You know, I think I lost about ten points the whole match really, so not sure what to tell you.

Q. Was she a bit too polished today do you think for you?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Well, she made like one unforced error every single match, so she didn't do anything different to what she always does. She played well when she had to and was very solid. Yeah, I thought it was a pretty good match.

Q. Do you feel like you're getting closer to these top 10 girls?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: I think so. As I said, at the French Open against I think I lost by six points, and here by ten. So I'm not that far, I guess.

Q. What do you think it needs to get those ten points?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Ah, I don't know. Maybe experience; maybe play more of those matches. You.
Know, lately I've been getting the shot at the top girls, the Top 10s quite a lot, pretty much every week and, I'm coming close to them. A few a beat; few I lose in close matches.
So, yeah, maybe just play them few more times until I actually learn those big points, how to play them.

Q. Do you think Caroline will win Wimbledon?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Possibly. She can, of course. Anybody can win it. She's playing well enough. I'm not sure who she plays next, but I'm sure she has a pretty big chance.

Q. How was that occasion for you today?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: I thought it was pretty fun. That was the last Centre Court I haven't played on. I played on all center courts, all the court 1s, all the big courts.
Yeah, I always enjoy playing, and hopefully the people enjoyed watching our match and saw the same thing what I just said.

Q. Is she any more difficult or easy to play against on grass?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Um, well, she still makes one unforced error on grass, hard court, or clay court. You know what's coming at you and what to expect. The ball is in your court; you have to deal with it.
She's No. 1 for a reason, I guess.

Q. After that, sort of obviously you've got doubles and other things. But the US Open, how did you look to that?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Oh, that's far away. Like six more events before that one. No, I'm looking forward to it. I thought I've been having so far a pretty good year. Hopefully I can continue in that.
I think six more events to go until the US Open, like I said, so I will try to get ready for the hard court and see how it goes.

Q. What's next?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Um, well, I still play doubles and mixed. I haven't played first round mixed yet, which is Monday, I believe. So I will be here for a while, I think.
Then I go back to Istanbul for a week to train. I play one event on clay in Bad Gastein, Austria. Then I go to States for two weeks training, and then I start in San Diego, I think, or whichever is the first one. Cincinnati, San Diego, one of those.

Q. How old were you when you became Australian?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: When I became Australian? 22, 23. I've been a resident for like seven years. I got a passport two years ago.

Q. Yeah, like '09.
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Yeah, I'm getting old.

Q. You got a rankings goal to the end of the year?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA: Well, unfortunately I'm not going to move after this week. I'm going to stay where am.
As I said before, if I could manage to get to top 20 by the end of the year I will be very pleased with my year this year.

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