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June 26, 2011

Scott Jamieson


Q. Tied for lead how does that sound?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Sounds great. Didn't imagine it start of the day. Fantastic.

Q. What's gone right for you over the last four days apart from lots of birdies?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, you know, yesterday I didn't play well at all. I didn't drive it well and today was much better, and finally started to hole some putts today.

Q. This is your first season on Tour, how do you cope when you are in contention in a European Tour event?
SCOTT JAMIESON: You just try and treat it just like any other round of golf.

Q. How difficult is that?
SCOTT JAMIESON: It's very difficult, especially here in Germany. The last couple of days were great fun. It was a new experience and hoping I can learn from it.

Q. What kind of things do you learn playing with someone like Martin Kaymer?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Obviously yesterday didn't have his best day but he came back strong at the end. Just goes to show you're never out of it, if you can keep plugging away, you stay patient, there's always birdies to come.

Q. Obviously you're going to be hanging around and seeing what happens with the rest of the field, what will you do in the interim?
SCOTT JAMIESON: I'm starving now. I've got a flight at five to five as well, so I need to have a look at the board in an hour or so.

Q. Fantastic 64 on the final day in Munich, you made it look very easy. Was it?
SCOTT JAMIESON: No, certainly not. I managed to putt well today, and first time this week, really, it always seems easier when you're putting well.

Q. At the moment you are tied for the lead, so it may be good enough, or may not, we shall see?
SCOTT JAMIESON: There's a lot of golf to be played, so I'm sure the guys out there will back up with a few birdies, but to have shot 8-under in the fine it all round playing with Martin Kaymer in Germany, fantastic.

Q. How was the crowd out there?
SCOTT JAMIESON: It was a bit uncomfortable yesterday. I wasn't thinking -- when you're holing shots and making putts, it's a good atmosphere.

Q. Fantastic final round, how was it today?
SCOTT JAMIESON: It was awesome. Playing with Martin the past few days was fun and good crowds. It was a lot of fun playing well. It was exciting.

Q. What went exceptionally well today? We saw a pitch-in shot, an eagle; what was the key to the successful round?
SCOTT JAMIESON: The nice pitch-in at 2. First birdie usually calms you down a bit and the chip-in for eagle, that's what I realized, if I can pick up a couple more here, definitely finish inside the Top-10, and finished with three in a row. So fantastic.

Q. May not be enough for a victory today, how pleased are you with the total all result, 14-under par?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Delighted. Obviously at the start of every week you have aspirations much winning the tournament, but the start of the day I think I was tied for 23rd. So going in the right direction.

Q. How much does it give you a confidence boost looking at next week's French Open?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Really looking forward to it. It's nice to know that I can perform under pressure. So, yeah, looking forward to the next two weeks.

Q. You've had some great moments on The European Tour as a rookie, is that right up there with it?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, I think that probably has to be the highlight so far, playing with Martin the last two rounds. And to shoot 8-under par, playing with him here in Germany, was fantastic.

Q. A lot of crowds following him, and you chipped in at 11, and I guess that kind of sparked things for you?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, yeah, like I said, when I chipped in at 11, that made me realize that I'm probably only a couple of birdies away from a Top-10 or even better and then finished with a few birdies in a row was great.

Q. Some people come on to The European Tour and takes time for them to adjust; and right now you're going for Rookie of the Year?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, that was one of my goals at the start of the year. I think there's a few of us vying for that spot now. A long way to go, more good results.

Q. What do you do now?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Go and get something to eat. Hungry.

Q. What's your low round on Tour, is that it?

Q. Must give you a nice feeling of where you are and a sense of belonging in your first season?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, after my finish in Spain, the Spanish Open, I kind of felt like I had proved myself and if I played well, I can compete. Ever since then, I've been going into every week with the intention of trying to compete, as opposed to just making cuts.

Q. And of course, two weeks from now, we'll both be back in our homeland. That must be a nice experience. I don't know if you've seen Castle Stuart?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Looks great on TV.

Q. Have you spoke to anybody whose played it yet?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, George Murray and Steve O'Hara, they said it was quite open off the tee and you can make your score on the greens.

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