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June 26, 2011

Mark Foster


Q. Disappointing with an even par round for today?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, it speaks for itself. Disappointed in the score. I was very pleased with myself, I never once never felt like I made any mistakes. It just wasn't my day. Usually I'd be a lot worse, but I was actually pleased with myself out there and could have easily been a very different story.

Q. Still a nice finish on the 18th with a birdie taking you to the third spot in the tournament?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, it was -- I just had a quick glance at the leaderboard and realized that they are all important putts, but yeah, that was going to make a significant difference, and it's nice to see one go in the middle, yeah.

Q. So forget the last round and think of the total result?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, that's my job for tonight, and then move onto next week.

Q. What is the schedule for you then? Obviously France?
MARK FOSTER: Two weeks.

Q. France and Scotland and see where it takes you?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, obviously big chance today.

Q. It was a great chance. But tied third in this level this week --
MARK FOSTER: I said to Gary this morning, you look who's -- I knew, got no right to win or whatever, but I didn't do a lot wrong. Just felt like doing the same thing as yesterday, chipping it close, but all of a sudden it's rolling away and missing. That's golf. It's not far away.

Q. And there's still opportunities to finish in the not otherwise qualified in the next two weeks?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, a top three, exactly. So I've got to look at that the next two weeks.

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