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June 26, 2011

Ryan Moore


JOHN BUSH: Okay. Ryan Moore joins us here at the Travelers Championship. Ryan, phenomenal final round, 7-under 63 but a tough finish. Just get your comments.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah. I mean I was obviously pretty happy with my round. Any time you shoot 63 in the final round not a whole lot to complain about.
You know, that 18th hole is going to sting a little bit, you know. Just put it in a bad place off the tee and maybe a little too aggressive with my second shot. Honestly, hit a pretty darn good bunker shot, almost made it.
Really hit my first bad putt of the day. It was just a pretty simple left center putt and I pushed it right in the middle of the hole and it just topped out that left side.
So all in all my goal was to get to 20. I thought at the beginning of the day get to 20, and obviously I wanted to do something fast. I wanted to get out and make some birdies early, not let him, you know, get a four or five-shot lead, you know, and just kind of be able to cruise it. I wanted to get out there and get on the board and make him think a little bit and play hard. And he did. In the end he won.

Q. Did that tester on 17 give you more confidence on 18?
RYAN MOORE: I mean not necessarily. I mean you don't want to be giving yourself four or five-footers every single hole coming down the stretch. You know, I hit a good putt there on 17 and there was a really similar putt there on 18, maybe just a little bit longer.
Yeah, I guess just no excuses. Just didn't hit it where I meant to hit it and missed it.

Q. We've had guys miss a few putts over the years and they have not always held up decorum wise as well as you are right now. Can you just talk about how you're holding yourself together right now in pretty difficult circumstances?
RYAN MOORE: I mean there's just so much to be positive about. You know, I could be certainly frustrated right now, but I just shot a 64-63 Saturday-Sunday. That's not that bad.
And to not win a tournament, I mean really it was my second round that cost me this tournament. I shot even par. And it was that really broken up day I finished two holes in the morning, went home, hung out all day, played nine holes at night and then came back and finished in the morning kind of thing.
And I just didn't get a good rhythm going, honestly, on either one of those and ended up shooting even par. And you know, on this golf course that definitely cost you. I was able to make up for it this weekend, but I certainly should have been a lot closer going into today, if not right there.
So I don't really -- I'm not beating myself up over that putt, you know. You hit bad putts. That happens in golf. It was unfortunate timing, but really it was that second round that ultimately cost me in my mind.

Q. As things were sort of unfolding out there, did you still think 20 was going to be the number? Did you feel you had to get a little more aggressive and obviously that bunker shot, like you said, on 18?
RYAN MOORE: No. You know, I wanted to finish 20. I felt like that was it, that would be a good spot to be. You know, whether it was the slow line out there on 18 or whether I just pushed it a little bit. I kind of have that disease of aiming a little bit away from the pin and going towards it a little more than I mean to.
You know, in my mind I wasn't necessarily trying to make a birdie there. I was just trying to hit it nice shot 15, 20 feet left of that pin and give myself another opportunity. Obviously I was putting good and had made quite a few putts today. So that's all I was trying to do, and yeah, just didn't quite work out that way.

Q. What did your caddie say, condolence?
RYAN MOORE: My brother, who's been caddying for me this whole year, just woke up this morning and kind of had -- he felt funny a few days this week and he woke up this morning, and man, he just looked awful and just felt horrible, and you know, definitely threw up quite a bit.
And I'm like, well, my person that's training me now, he's caddied for me a fair bit in the past a few weeks here and there, and I actually had won with him in Greensboro on the bag, so it was a really fortunate scenario that he was here, and we're very comfortable on the course and he knows what he's doing. So that didn't throw me off too much.
I was more concerned for my brother. I felt bad for him. He looked awful. But he made it out there, actually. He was on the 18th green when I got done, so he must be feeling a little better.

Q. J.D. and Jason were explaining this a little bit to me, but they said that you figured something out with your club grip, like it was shut, it was closed. It had been bothering you for five or six weeks and then you figured it out during the U.S. Open and now you've opened up the club a little bit?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah. It was just some minor adjustments that's really made all the difference. I just figured out last week that, you know, I'm such a feel player and I have a spine, a reminder in my grips, and the grip was just spun a little bit to the right, which if I get my hand on there the way I like to, that was making the club face actually end up two or three degrees shut in my hands, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me why -- I've never set the club face up shut. If anything, a little bit open in my life. And I've been overdrawing it and overdrawing it, and for really the last five or six weeks my swing felt great and I just couldn't figure out what was going on. And turns out all my grips were shut on there.
So I went and obviously gave my equipment guys a pretty darn hard time. But we got it straightened out, and well, this is what happened. So there we go. Must have helped.

Q. Was this during the U.S. Open?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah. It was right after the U.S. Open. You know, I had been working the whole week before trying to get my club face back to square, and I couldn't do it because I would just work the club back into my hands where I like the reminder to be, and that was shut every single time.
I was honestly going crazy these last few weeks because I'm like I'm swinging really good. I have no idea why I'm hitting the ball so bad. And yeah, that was it. I'm going to give them a very hard time next week, let's just say.
JOHN BUSH: Anything else? All right, Ryan. Thank you for your time.

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