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June 26, 2011

Michael Thompson


MICHAEL THOMPSON: Oh, it's just huge. I think it started at a Nationwide event a few weeks ago when I finished sixth. That was big for me in terms of getting double digits under par, and then this week getting to 10-under for the first time on the PGA TOUR was huge.
And today I was just let's go see how well you can do, you know, and Lord willing, you know, He'll let the putts drop, and today they did.

Q. What was the biggest improvement in your game this week so far?
MICHAEL THOMPSON: Well, the biggest improvement so far this year has been my driving. I can thank my caddie and my golf instructor, Susie Meyers, my caddie, Maddie Lou (sp.) really worked me last month or so trying to straighten out my driving.
My putting's always been my strength, but off the tee I've struggled, and in the last month or two, I've really come into my own in terms of being able to hit fairways and get myself in position to hit good shots. So that's been the biggest.

Q. The previous time you've played this course to today, is the course playing easier? Is there a difference in it?
MICHAEL THOMPSON: Probably -- you know, the scores don't show it. They're roughly about the same from the last time I played in terms of the winning score being right around 18, 19, 20-under. The course is a lot softer than it was three years ago. That makes a big difference. It allows you to be able to be a bit more aggressive into some of the pins, some of the holes, which is fun. You know, it makes golf fun because you get to see a lot of birdies.

Q. Where does this round rank among your personal best?
MICHAEL THOMPSON: This is my best so far. I had a 9-under in the only Hooter's event that I won, regular season event that I won. That came on the last day. I wasn't in the last group, and I won that event. So this one and that one, probably the two best.

Q. Going back a few years, your college career was kind of -- you started at Tulane; right?

Q. And then you were displaced from Katrina; is that correct?
MICHAEL THOMPSON: Yes. That's correct. Katrina hit August of '05, and Tulane dropped the golf program, along with seven other sports in December of '05. And so basically in order to continue playing I had to transfer. And the NCAA was gracious enough to allow us to register in the spring and get the whole year of eligibility back.
So that's what I did, and I transferred in the fall of '06, spent two years at Alabama, greatly improved my game. I wouldn't have done that otherwise if I would have stayed at Tulane. And Katrina to me has always been a blessing in disguise.

Q. But it wasn't dropped because of -- I mean was that just --
MICHAEL THOMPSON: No. They didn't have enough money to fund the sports. That's why Tulane dropped all of the sports programs. They dropped the engineering department as well.

Q. If they hadn't, you would have stayed there?
MICHAEL THOMPSON: I probably would have. If Katrina had never happened, I would have stayed at Tulane, and who knows where I would be now.

Q. You hear a few "Roll Tides" out there today?
MICHAEL THOMPSON: I heard a few, yeah. It was nice to hear up in the Northeast.

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