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June 24, 2011

Richard Gasquet


R. GASQUET/S. Bolelli
6-3, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You have reached the last 16. How do you feel your game is going?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I'm feeling good. I didn't lose a set, so I'm playing good. I played well today. It was a dangerous opponent; he won Wawrinka, so...
But at the start I had to play well to be confident. He fell down a little bit, and that was the key of the match. I wanted to be aggressive and to lead the game. I played two very good set, and after I felt a little bit pressure. But I finished the match with a good serve.

Q. Can I ask you, do you remember obviously your match with Murray here? What are your memories of that match three years ago?
RICHARD GASQUET: It was for me a good memory really, even if I lost. I played very well. I remember the crowd were very impressive. We told all the time, English, Wimbledon, it's quiet. But it was incredible. A lot people were cheering for him.
I remember the third and the fourth and the fifth set it was very difficult for me to play, because a lot guys were -- it was a lot of noise. I could finish in three set. I had a break 5-4 for me, but he fights a lot and I couldn't finish the match.

Q. You wanted them to stop because of the light.
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I remember.

Q. Do you think they should have stopped?
RICHARD GASQUET: It was hard to see. Hard to see. I were losing. He was very confident.
But as I said, the crowd help him a lot this day. I remember it was very noisy.

Q. How much harder do you think it is three years later? How much better is an Andy?
RICHARD GASQUET: He's better for sure, because when I played him he were maybe 12 in the world, maybe 12 or 13 in the world. So now he's 4, so he's much better.
But it was a good match for him, and after he won I remember one month later in Cincinnati, and he had the US Open. So he improve a lot in this period three years ago. Now he's much better than when I played him three years ago.
But if I have to play against him, I have for sure nothing to lose.

Q. Do matches like that have a psychological effect on players, or do you have to find a way of putting memories to one side?
RICHARD GASQUET: No, I always played well against him. I always won the first two sets in Roland Garros, so I hope not to win the first two sets this time. (Smiling.)
But, yeah, all the time. But he's fighting a lot. That's difficult, because he's putting all the balls in the court. He's very clever. He's one of the best player in the world.
Yeah, but both time I played him in Roland Garros and Wimbledon I was playing very well. Even if I lost, it was a good match, good matches for me.

Q. What part of his game has improved the most, do you think?
RICHARD GASQUET: Just he's playing faster than before. Before he played a little bit slow, and now he's playing very fast. He's aggressive. He's powerful. He has a big serve, big forehand. He's running everywhere.
He's also a very clever player. He knows how to win the points. No, he's one of the best player of the world for sure. He can win a Grand Slam soon.

Q. Did you week speak after the matches in Roland Garros and back here? Was there any conversation?
RICHARD GASQUET: No, no, no, not so much. Yeah, I could win really. Two sets and 5-4, I could win the match, yeah.
But I hope to win two sets against him another time, but it's always tough to play because he's fighting a lot.

Q. As you say, there is a big help for a British player playing here, but there is also a lot pressure, isn't there? Can you understand that that pressure can be negative sometimes?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, but I think he used to. I think he did some semifinals here, so now he's more mature. He's 24 years old, so for him it's now. He has to win this year, next year. That's the best time for him to play his best game in Wimbledon.

Q. You've run into both Nadal and Djokovic twice each this year. How would you evaluate them here on grass?
RICHARD GASQUET: Incredible even on grass. You know, Rafael won last year; Djokovic is playing unbelievable. So for sure that four players are the favorite. Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, and Federer, those are the big favorites of the tournaments.
But I think Nadal is one of the -- he's the favorite of the tournament for me more than the other one because he won last year and he won Roland Garros. But everybody can win, I think.

Q. You missed two years here. How much do you enjoy Wimbledon?
RICHARD GASQUET: I'm enjoying a lot. Yes, I missed two years here, so it's a lot. Last time I played it was against Murray in 2008. It's a long time.
So maybe if I have again to play against him, it's very good for me. I'm very happy.

Q. You're having a good year. Are you playing as well now as in 2008 or better?
RICHARD GASQUET: I'm playing good. Yeah, I'm 13 in the world, so I'm improving my level every week. I played well in Roland Garros. No, I'm playing good, I think. It's a good match for me. It's good for me to win second week, and I will try to go...

Q. You're happy on grass as well, aren't you?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I'm happy to be there. Happy to play again. I missed as I said two years Wimbledon, so I'm happy to be there. I'm happy to be there and I can play and I'm enjoying it. It's very nice to play here in Wimbledon.

Q. Do you still have ambitions of winning Grand Slams yourself?
RICHARD GASQUET: It's tough. It's tough, because when I was second week in Roland Garros I had to win Djokovic, then Federer, then Nadal. Even here in 2007 I won -- in semifinal I had to win the same: Federer and Nadal.
So even if I'm not far, you are far because you need to win the best after. So I don't know if I can, but I'll try to go farther as I can.

Q. About your foundation, what do you hope to achieve with that?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I need to do it again, because I had some problems two years ago. I had a lot of things to think. But I will try to do it again, because I stop a little bit. I will try to do something this year again.

Q. But the idea was to use sport to help...
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, in the south of France with the children, the poor children. No, for sure I have to do it again.

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