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June 25, 2011

Shiv Kapur


Q. A 66, you really got it going, particularly on the front nine?
SHIV KAPUR: Yeah, it's nice it get off to a hot start for a change. In the first round I was 3-over for my first six holes and today I was 5-under.
After the start that I had, obviously I would have taken it, just to be here at weekend after being 3-over on the front nine, first day was no good.
So all in all once you make the weekend, I was discussing with my caddie this morning, if you go and shoot two good rounds on the weekend, you can always finish up there. That was always sort of the goal, go and shoot as low as I can. 66 is pretty good but I'll probably need another one of those tomorrow.

Q. When you're in an event like this and you know you've got to shoot low numbers and you start like you did, do your expectations drop and you're just a little freer maybe?
SHIV KAPUR: You know what, it's one of those where even if you're 5- or 6-under after nine, the position that I started in today, I know I have to keep going on the back nine, because the greens are receptive. The wind sort of dropped in the last hour or so, and you're going to see a lot of birdies.
So you just have to keep the pedal to the medal basically and keep going and hopefully I can keep putting the way I did today. I made a lot of putts today, which I haven't; it's been a while since I putted well and that's sort of been holding me back. It's nice to hold a few putts and feel good on the greens.

Q. There are some great events this time of year, so it would be great to hit a rich vein of form.
SHIV KAPUR: Exactly. This is where it really begins, next week and the Scottish Open, and hopefully I can continue this form and hopefully play well enough to play myself into The Open. That's one of the goals, as well.

Q. What's your hopes for the final round?
SHIV KAPUR: Just the same, if I can go out and get off to a hot start, just make as many birdies as I can, I know even after today's round, I'll probably be at least 6- or 7- back, so I'll have to go and shoot a pretty low number.
So I'll just go out and make birdies and see how high up I can finish. I had a Top-10 here in the past and hopefully I can keep that going.

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