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June 25, 2011

Sergio Garcia


GORDON SIMPSON: A round of 64 today put you right in contention, and seems to be signs that the old Sergio is back in there fighting and looking for a championship again.
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I've been saying it all year long; I think that I've been feeling some good things throughout the whole year. There have been some really good rounds. And you know, I think like I said, it's been a working process. I think we are definitely in the right direction. Feels like things are starting to happen, and you know, today was very -- it was a huge round for us. We knew that we needed to do something important to have a chance of getting to the British Open.
So a little disappointed with the bogey on 17, because it really in the air, it looked like birdie but unfortunately we made bogey. But other than that, I think it was very nice.
GORDON SIMPSON: When you finish Top-10 in a major as you did last week, does that give you a fresh set of stimulation and confidence to do well the following week here?
SERGIO GARCIA: It helps. It obviously definitely helps. But, I don't know, then I came here, and I wasn't quite feeling it the first couple of days. I wasn't feeling like my swing was where I wanted it to be or where it was the week before. But definitely had some nice work yesterday. Didn't hit many balls, but I hit some, and something kind of clicked a little bit, and today we came out, we felt good. Felt very comfortable, very relaxed, and things started to happen.
Obviously the bomb I made on 3 always helps to get your round going. After that, I feel like I could play very nicely. I gave myself a lot of opportunities. I hit some really, really nice putts. Some went in. Some, unfortunately, didn't. But overall, it was very positive.

Q. Will you look at the leaderboard tonight or just concentrate for tomorrow? How will you prepare for tomorrow?
SERGIO GARCIA: I have to look at it sometime because I need to know what time I'm playing and everything. But I don't expect to be leading. I probably expect to be at least two or three shots back, which is normal, because the course, there's not much wind. The course is playing nicely. The greens are nice, and there's a good amount of birdie opportunities out there.
But I think, like I said before, for us, it was important to have a good round today, to have a chance of finishing somewhere around the top three or four, with a good round tomorrow, and try to make The Open Championship. And everybody knows that The Open is my favourite event. So I would not enjoy missing it. If that's the case, well, it is what it is. But I'm hoping that we can go out there tomorrow and have another great round, and if we can get the win, perfect. But if not, finish high up there and see if we can make The Open.

Q. You say your game is a work-in-process at the moment, but after last week, sort of put the fire back in your belly?
SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely. I think, Bernie, that things are definitely better, but not -- I'm not talking week or last week. I'm talking the whole year. I think what I've been doing off the golf course has helped a lot. I know playing football has its risks and playing tennis has its risks, but that's what I love doing. I love playing golf but I also love playing other sports, and that helps me be a better golfer.
Obviously, the happier I am outside, the happier or the more I enjoy when I'm inside. And it's good to see that it's slowly getting there.

Q. Good that it's not the football season leading up to the Open and you won't be tempted to play football over the next few weeks and injure yourself before getting to Royal St. George's.
SERGIO GARCIA: Doesn't matter. I have a game on Monday. (Laughter).
I've said it before. Obviously I'm not going to jump off the roof, and I hope that nothing happens, but I'm going to do what I love doing. If I'm not meant to play The Open, even if I qualify, then I won't play, something will happen. Even if I stay in bed for a week and a half, something will happen that will make me not play The Open.
So I'm a huge believer in that, and I've got to do what I love doing and I've got to live my life. Golf is not the only thing I have in life, and I'm very thankful for that. If I'm meant to get injured -- I mean, I've injured myself playing golf before. So you can't control those kind of things.

Q. You talked about attitude earlier in the week, and that's obviously being helped by your swing improving and your game generally improving; presumably that's been the case today?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, I definitely played better than I did -- and the first day was tough. It was a tough day with the rain and everything. But yesterday, I didn't really play golf until the 11th hole.
So kind of gave up half a round there, which would have been nice. Instead of shooting 1-over, to shoot 2- or 3-under on the front; you don't play great, but you shoot maybe 3-under yesterday and you're still in a good situation. But unfortunately it didn't happen and that's where we are.
But like I said, it was nice to go out there today and get some things clicked. I hit some good quality shots, some great putts, and post a nice round that gives us a little chance.

Q. What did you work on yesterday?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I hit some balls yesterday and I fit a little better on my ball-striking. I felt like I was able to hit a couple more shots here and there that I was not able to do the first couple of rounds. And it was nice to see. I guess I came out today and felt so calm, so comfortable, hit some good shots early on. That kind of helps us kind of get going. You know, when I rolled a couple of putts in, kind of got it going.

Q. Seems you had great fun yesterday at the Bavarian players night. What do you think of wearing your Bavarian Lederhosen?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was a new experience, but I liked it. I thought it was great to see most of the guys wearing it.
GORDON SIMPSON: Except Miguel.
SERGIO GARCIA: He gets out. He said he was going to be the only one wearing it, and, I don't know -- (laughter) -- anyway, it's fine. No, but it was good fun.

Q. You said you have a soccer match on Monday. Do you play in any league?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, with good friends. The season doesn't start until late August.
GORDON SIMPSON: Sergio, great play today and let's see what happens tomorrow.

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