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June 25, 2011

Retief Goosen


Q. What in particular went right for you today?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Made a few more putts. Still had one 3-putt out there today but overall, strike the ball okay and then finished off nicely in the last three holes.

Q. What is it about this course that you like?
RETIEF GOOSEN: I don't know really. It's not too long I suppose. You know, the old man who can't keep up with the youngsters anymore. So a lot of the holes I'm hitting 7-iron in while they are hitting 9-iron, so I can still get it in close.

Q. You have some good memories of 2009, you finished third there at 18-under. Think that's the kind of score that you want to get to tomorrow?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Probably, yeah. I've had some good memories here. Lost in a playoff to Stenson, as well. So yeah, I like the course. Hopefully tomorrow, go out there, pending weather, but probably need the low round tomorrow.

Q. In general how have you found the last few weeks of your golf?
RETIEF GOOSEN: I'm playing much better. Taken some time off after Augusta and took me a while to get back into the swings of things, but the last few weeks have been a lot better.

Q. You've played a couple of times and maybe it's a case of third time lucky tomorrow?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, I hope so, yeah. That's a good way of putting it.
Yeah I'm looking forward to getting out there tomorrow and hopefully if the weather stays the same, probably need a low round to win.

Q. 67 today, a highlight I suppose with the shot at 16, would that be fair?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, 16, the yardage was just too far for a 3-wood for me to carry, and I think I went with a soft driver. And, yeah, just hit it perfect to about 15 feet and made the putt.

Q. That sort of gave you the boost to get close to the leaderboard, and then you rolled in the put at the end?
RETIEF GOOSEN: True, I just 3-putted the previous hole, 15 I hit a good driver and 8-iron in there to 12 feet and 3-putted. It was nice to get off to a good finishing. The last hole I misjudged my pace, as well, with the first putt but made a good return.

Q. Is it the kind of course where you just have to keep attacking?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yes. I mean, the way the conditions has been the last few days, dead calm, pretty much, and greens are just stopping. So, yeah, you're in a mode that you need to try to fire at every flag almost.

Q. We have had Charl Schwartzel and Louis Oosthuizen winning lately, it would nice to get Retief Goosen back in the winner's circle.
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, it would be nice if the Goose could somehow pull it off but we'll see what happens.

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