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June 25, 2011

Robert Coles


Q. Tied for the lead with Sergio Garcia, how does that sound?
ROBERT COLES: Yeah, fantastic. Started today really wasn't too sure how I was going to play, and it turned out great.

Q. How did you play?
ROBERT COLES: Played a bit shaky at the start really, but I made a few putts. And then I got hot in the middle, and hung on at the end I suppose.

Q. So is it a case of just keeping that momentum going, and especially in the middle?
ROBERT COLES: Yeah, definitely. I think if you start holding putts, you've got to enjoy it and try and make a few more. So that's all I did.

Q. Okay. So you're in contention going into Sunday with 18 holes to play. Take us back to the Avantha Masters when you had a chance to win there and finished in second place.
ROBERT COLES: That was a good week for me, my best week, but obviously a few lessons learnt. A few mistakes made. Hopefully tomorrow, just you've got to do your best obviously and hopefully I've learnt from a few mistakes.

Q. What lessons did you learn and what will you do differently?
ROBERT COLES: Well, too many to mention.

Q. Go on, let us in on a couple?
ROBERT COLES: I think adrenaline gets a hold of you at certain times and you've got to learn to control that. I don't think I did. And, you know, you've got to be patient with it, as well. So I think a few lessons there that I made mistakes.

Q. An excellent 7-under par third round today. How was it?
ROBERT COLES: It was good. You know, it was a shaky start, and then a little run of birdies in the middle, and managed to get one at the last, which made a good day.

Q. What went particularly well today?
ROBERT COLES: Putted well today in the middle of the round. I made some really good putts. And it really kept me going really.

Q. You're in contention right now, 12-under par. Give us your thoughts for tomorrow?
ROBERT COLES: It all depends if anyone goes very, very low today. So I'm just delighted, really, with my day and trying to do well tomorrow.

Q. Bogey-free round of 65 and right now top of the leaderboard along with Sergio García. That's some going?
ROBERT COLES: That's great, I didn't realise I was bogey-free until you mentioned it.
It was a really good day, and obviously, great day to move up the board.

Q. First round 72, did you think then, that given the nature of the course, you might be too far back?
ROBERT COLES: Certainly, you know, I thought if the weather was good the next day, because we were in the rainy end of the draw Thursday, that I would have to play well to make the cut Friday. So played nicely yesterday and got the putter hot today which was fantastic.

Q. It's been a good season for you, one where you've made some progress, but obviously tomorrow is a chance to get a win at last?
ROBERT COLES: Yeah, definitely. You know, you've just got to give yourself as many chances as possible. It's not easy to do. So you've got to learn from your mistakes, previous mistakes and try and put them into practise tomorrow.

Q. Has it taken a little while to get over what happened in India?
ROBERT COLES: You learn, and unfortunately I just haven't played well since to get myself in position. I don't think I'm on a hangover from it. I just haven't played well enough to give myself another chance.

Q. What's been the difference this week?
ROBERT COLES: I've putted well and played nicely. You know, you just get on a roll sometimes, got on a roll today and it really got going.
So got to try and ride it when you can.

Q. That run before the turn was terrific, five in a row.
ROBERT COLES: And on the easy holes, it wasn't so good.

Q. You must have been frustrated when you got to that level and nothing's happened?
ROBERT COLES: I holed a good putt on 7. I holed a nice putt, sort of 8 and 9, hit it close at 10 and gave myself chances at 11 and 12 and don't make them, and you think, what's going on. But I made a good putt for par on 13.

Q. Birdieing the last is good to get up alongside him, as well, quite a nice position.
ROBERT COLES: It is. You can't control the others, that's the thing. I think this course, everyone is going to be going for it all the time.

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