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June 25, 2011

Mark Foster


GORDON SIMPSON: I'm sure there's no place like being at the top of the leaderboard which is where you were right this minute and you were saying outside that you attribute today he's golf to your mental strength. Is that something specifically you've been working on?
MARK FOSTER: Yes and no. All I've done is played a little bit less. I'm seeing no one. I've tried everyone. I've given up on that. But yeah just playing in tournaments where I feel I can give it my hundred per cent, and if I don't feel 100 per cent, which happened to me in Italy a few weeks ago, I pulled out. And it's just a plan for me this year and see how that goes.
GORDON SIMPSON: Is it a case where you have plenty of physical energy from resting up, but your brain --
MARK FOSTER: Well, theoretically, that's my plan.
GORDON SIMPSON: You've had a couple of chances this year and some good finishes. You've put yourself back in the mix again for tomorrow.
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, I mean, I'm old enough -- I've just said out there the same thing, I know exactly what's ahead. I know all the stuff. It's bittersweet, you're in the lead, you're two-thirds of the way there; but I've been on both sides, the ecstasy of winning and the horrible feeling when it goes wrong and you're flying home. But that feeling, it's the reactions to that feeling, and you either want to get back on the horse or you stay off it. I feel once I get over it when stuff has gone wrong, I do want to get back out here and I do want to get into these positions.

Q. Tell us a little about Malaga. You played really well there, and I think you said Paul Lawrie played a fantastic back nine to edge you out.
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, a grueling experience, I was very hard on myself there, and I didn't particularly play my best golf. But I underestimated how good Paul Lawrie's back nine was, which in the conditions we played in, I actually had some friends watching who were out there that week who knew a bit about golf, and they later reiterated that. And that sunk in.
You get in front, you're in the same as everybody else, no right to win, and I got in front there, and Paul played an amazing back nine. I was actually thinking I had thrown that one away, but probably I didn't -- well, I did give Paul credit playing with him, but to myself I didn't give him enough credit how well he played.

Q. What do you expect, what round do you have to play tomorrow?
MARK FOSTER: I'll have to shoot a low round. I mean, there's a low round out there, as Sergio's done today. There's some really high World Ranking players here, and these guys, somebody will shoot a good score tomorrow, come out of the pack, and you know, I don't want to point a finger but I know I've got to shoot a positive score tomorrow. If I shoot anything around par, I won't win the tournament. That speaks for itself.
GORDON SIMPSON: Thanks for coming in and well played again.

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