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June 25, 2011

Lee Slattery


Q. Lee, tell us what happened out there, because it could have been better I hear?
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, it could have. I hit a nice 4-iron off the 16th tee, just laying it up, short par 4 and stuck a tee in the ground and my caddie shouted, no, and as he shouted, I was picking the ball up. A little bit unfortunate, but I chipped in straight after it. So you know, it wasn't that bad in the end.

Q. A birdie at the last and you're right in the hunt now aren't you?
LEE SLATTERY: Absolutely. The goal today was to go out and shoot 7-under, which I thought, that will get right in the mix. As its turned out, the wind seems to have picked up a little bit in the last hour. So the leaders might struggle a bit more this afternoon, and with the greens being quite wet as well, the greens can spike up a little bit, and it's harder to hole putts later on. 6-under is plenty enough to be in the thick of things tomorrow hopefully.

Q. You were telling me yesterday you were feeling confident; you never know, a win could be around the corner.
LEE SLATTERY: I hope so. It would be nice to do it in an event like this, one of the bigger events on the Tour. I just have to go out there tomorrow, same attitude and see what it brings, and hopefully win for the first time.

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