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June 25, 2011

James Driscoll


Q. This golf course started the day with no wind whatsoever, but it picked up a little in the afternoon, didn't seem to bother you much.
JAMES DRISCOLL: No, it was definitely a factor, though, in the afternoon. I mean I came up way short on 16, the par-3. Kind of in between clubs, so it was definitely a little more difficult this afternoon than it has been this morning; and then yesterday, yesterday there was a breeze. There was hardly any wind and you could really take advantage of it.

Q. Tell me about your game and playing this golf course in these conditions. How did the greens hold up?
JAMES DRISCOLL: Greens are great. They're definitely a little faster today than they were yesterday because they have an opportunity to -- well, the weather dried them up a little bit, too, and they had an opportunity to cut them this morning and roll them, so they were definitely a little bit faster. They're rolling great. If you get an early tee time, you can definitely take advantage.

Q. Is this one of those golf courses, too, as you start playing that you get more and more confidence, you think, okay, it's cool; I'm just where I'm supposed to be?
JAMES DRISCOLL: Yeah, definitely. The back nine is pretty tricky and there are some shots back there that you gotta feel comfortable with, and it is -- it's a big help if you've been around this track a few times.

Q. T3 on the weekend certainly is nothing to snuff at. How was it out there?
JAMES DRISCOLL: It was good. It was a little more difficult than yesterday. The breeze picked up a little bit on the back nine, but the greens are still really soft, so if you got control of your golf ball, you can definitely make a lot of birdies out there.

Q. Do you feel like you left any on the course? Looks like 64 might be the low round of the day.
JAMES DRISCOLL: Not really. Maybe one or two. Couple loose swings, made a couple bogeys, but I made a few putts that I hadn't been making the last couple months, couple like 30-footers and stuff. So it's nice to see those drop.

Q. So you're two back right now, so how do you evaluate that for tomorrow? What's your strategy for tomorrow? Are you going to pick a number and try and hit it?
JAMES DRISCOLL: Not really. Just keep doing what I've been doing the last two rounds, and if I keep doing that, I should have at least a chance coming down the stretch.

Q. How special is it to be doing this relatively close to home?
JAMES DRISCOLL: Yeah, it's great. It's awesome. I've had a few family members down, a couple friends out here, so it's always fun when you can do it in front of some people you know.

Q. How did this better weather improve your game?
JAMES DRISCOLL: You know, actually the weather yesterday was kind of perfect. It was a little rainy, but there was no wind, so yesterday was actually probably better scoring conditions than today because the sun popped out and with that the wind picked up a little bit, too.
You know, we've had perfect weather for scoring and the scores show that the last two days.

Q. Did you celebrate the Bruins?
JAMES DRISCOLL: Yeah. I was in town. I went to game 6 and went to my buddy's bar across the street from the Garden for game 7. It was a good time. Yeah, it was fun. The city really loved it.

Q. Does it mean anything to you to be in contention here where you've played down the road sort of it Watertown?
JAMES DRISCOLL: Yeah, for sure. Being from Boston, having gone to Taft for one year down the street, this definitely feels like -- Deutsche Bank is obviously a real home game and this is definitely the second one for me, so I love playing here.

Q. Have you talked to Coach Kenerson at all?
JAMES DRISCOLL: I haven't, no. I haven't really kept in touch with him.

Q. You had a lot of people come down you mentioned. Anything you guys have been doing? You had a lot of down time the past couple days.
JAMES DRISCOLL: Actually yesterday I didn't have any down time. I was out here for 12 hours, but no, I mean my parents are staying at a different hotel. A bunch of my family drove back, so I've just been chilling in my room, kind of hanging by myself. So it's been kind of a quiet week for as many people that have been here.

Q. You've played here quite a few times. How much does that help?
JAMES DRISCOLL: Yeah, it's a big help. Like I said, the back nine is pretty tricky, and it's important to kind of know -- you know, feel comfortable over some of those tricky shots and kind of know where to miss it, too, so it definitely helps to be around here a few times.

Q. What do you think it'll take tomorrow?
JAMES DRISCOLL: I don't know. 20-under maybe is probably a pretty good number. I mean 14 is leading right now, right, could get to 15 pretty easily, so 20 is not that crazy of a number.

Q. How often do you look back at the one amateur, I know you didn't win, but as far as maybe being a career highlight? Do you hark back to that a lot?
JAMES DRISCOLL: Not really. I mean it's a great memory. I had a great time that week. I do think back at it once in a while and realize how fun it was having my whole family there watching, and sometimes I replay it with me having won and that would have been a little bit nicer. But you know, it was a great memory, probably something hopefully that I can improve on, so hopefully it's not my career highlight.

Q. Your experience, does that make can't lay, what he's been doing back here, does it bring back any memories? Do you understand kind of what he's going through?
JAMES DRISCOLL: I think what he's doing is way better than anything I did as an amateur. I mean to be leading a PGA TOUR event after 36 holes and even after 64 holes being right near the lead, that's something you gotta ask Verplank and Mickelson about. Those are the only couple of guys -- handful of guys that have been able to do that at that age, so that's pretty impressive stuff.

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