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June 25, 2011

Johnson Wagner


Q. Johnson, spectacular play really through two rounds. Kept it going this morning, too.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, it's been good. I've been working real hard. Saw my coach on Monday, and my caddie, Matt, and I've been working hard this week.
And the putter is finally working. I'm striking the ball well and making a lot of 10-footers and giving myself a lot of chances, so it's been fun. Definitely could have made a couple more coming in, but I'm real tickled to be where I'm at.

Q. Long day yesterday. Come back today. Just talk a little bit about --
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yesterday wasn't too long. I had to finish up a hole and a half for my first round. And then played eight holes in the afternoon, late evening, I guess.
And yesterday was fine, got a lot of good relaxing in most of the day. Thursday was long. You know, we were out here all day. But I haven't had to play that much golf on any day. So it's been good. I'm excited.
The course is playing great for all the rain we've had. The greens are perfect. A little soft, so it's going to be a shoot-out. But I like where I'm at.

Q. You go off again, what, couple hours from now?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah. Probably 1 to 2:00.

Q. What will you do between now and then?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I'm in my RV this week, so I'm just a couple miles down the road. I'll go back there, hang out, grab a bite to eat and come back out and do it again.

Q. Take us through those birdies coming in today. I think you had four?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Started 2, hit a bad 3-wood, but it caught the left side of the fairway, hit a 9-iron to six feet and made it. Hit 8-iron out of the first cut into 3 to about 10 feet and made it. Hit a 3-wood into the par-3, No. 5 to about 25 feet and made it. And then hit a sand wedge to five feet on 6.

Q. Great playing yesterday by Patrick, obviously with that 60. But you kept him in your sights there by getting up close.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Definitely. And I don't know if his coach, Jamie Mulligan, is caddying for him. I know he caddied for him last week. And Jamie is a great guy. And I know Patrick is from California, and I'm sure he knows Pete and John Merrick and John Mallinger well. So I'm looking forward hopefully get to still play with him, and apparently he's incredible. 19-year-old shooting 60 on a TOUR event. I'm excited to see what he's got.

Q. Have you ever met him?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I haven't, no.

Q. Thank you.

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