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June 24, 2011

Dougie Hamilton


Q. Your thoughts on going to camp next year and playing with Zdeno Chara?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: That would be pretty special. I wouldn't be the bigger D-partner, that's for sure. But I'm just going to work as hard as I can in the summer, and hope for that opportunity.

Q. Any bragging rights in the family now that you got picked a little ahead of your brother?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: No, I don't think so. We're both excited for each other. He's signed by San Jose, so I guess he signed before me and just really excited as a family.

Q. Dougie, what do you bring to the table in terms of your game? You talked about patterning yourself after Jay Bouwmeester; is that accurate?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: Yeah, guys like Bouwmeester, Blake, Brent Burns. I think I'm a big, complete defenseman and I can skate well. I'm pretty physical, and I make good passes and can contribute offensively as well.

Q. Dougie, talk about your junior career in Niagara and your season this year and how that's been going?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: Yeah, that's been tons of fun. My first year was kind of a learning year. You've got to get used to the OHL. Last year was just I got a lot of opportunities to succeed. And we had a good team, so I just had a lot of fun and did well. It's been a great two years.

Q. Being Player of the Year, is that anything you went over with the Bruins?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: I don't remember. But it's obviously something that's important to me. I guess they're not too worried about it. I guess some teams might be. I'm just happy.

Q. How important is Mike Van Ryn to your development?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: Huge. He's just a guy that I can come out basically two years out of the NHL and start teaching kids and he know what's it takes to get to the NHL. He's helped me a lot and kind of told me how I needed to play to make that next step.
I think I did well this year with that, and I think there's a lot of parts of my game that I need to improve on in order to be an NHL player. But I think he's going to help me with those two.

Q. Any indications at all that the Bruins were interested in you or anything like that as far as interviews go?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: I didn't visit there to interview, but met them at the combine. I was maybe supposed to go visit them, but it didn't happen. I heard that they liked me, and I'm just happy to be a Boston Bruin.

Q. Did you get a chance to meet players or coaches when you were in Boston for the Stanley Cup Finals? Did you envision yourself playing there at that time?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: Yeah, we got to go in the room and meet a bunch of the guys. I talked to Tyler Seguin and guys like that. Got to watch the game and watch the pre-game skate. It was awesome.
The fans were basically standing the whole time and cheering, so just kind of that picture is in my head right now and it's exciting.

Q. You've seen nine or ten guys from the NHL going in the first round. What does that speak to the strength of the players in the league?
DOUGIE HAMILTON: I definitely think the OHL is one of the best leagues. They say the CHL is the best development league in the world, so I guess they're doing something right with the coaches and development. So just it's good to see those guys go. I'm excited for all of them.

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