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June 24, 2011

George Coetzee


GORDON SIMPSON: Congratulations on a second successive 67 to be joint leader with Henrik Stenson as we speak, and you were saying this is your first visit to the media centre, and I'm sure you hope it's not the last visit.
GEORGE COETZEE: Definitely not the last hopefully.
GORDON SIMPSON: Whatever happens this afternoon, you're clearly going to be around the leaders, or in the last group; would that be a new experience for you on The European Tour?
GEORGE COETZEE: Well, I've led a couple of times. I'd like to finish one sooner or later. But I think it's just a nice event and it's very well run. I think everything is a bit more fancy than we get every other week.
GORDON SIMPSON: Has it been two days of really keeping the concentration, especially yesterday afternoon?
GEORGE COETZEE: Yeah, yesterday I think the first 13, 14 holes, I was very unhappy with my game, but my caddie did a good job of keeping my patient and making sure I tried to stay level par. And thinking back, I was like, well, thank goodness I was trying to stay level par, or otherwise I would still be fighting to make the cut.

Q. Do you think 10-under can be enough for the lead after two rounds?
GEORGE COETZEE: I don't really think it matters at the moment what the leader is going to be today or by the end of today. I think it's just a matter of trying to be in contention come the final afternoon. I don't really mind if I'm leading or not leading, just as long as I'm within touching distance.

Q. Is the course playing harder than yesterday?
GEORGE COETZEE: I'm probably the wrong person to ask because yesterday I didn't really see the golf course. Today I enjoyed it a bit more, and it was a bit easier keeping the ball on the fairway. Yeah, I think it's probably not much difference in the course from today than yesterday, except for the weather.
GORDON SIMPSON: Is it a learning experience out here, having come through the Q-School?
GEORGE COETZEE: I think last year I led a lot and this year I'm just trying to be in contention as much as possible, and maybe pull one through sooner or later.
But I think it's just all learning, until I feel like I'm where I want to be mentally and with my game, it all just about learning and taking it in. And if I get to play with the big players, that would be even better, because I could learn from their demeanor on the course.
GORDON SIMPSON: Two South Africans currently hold Major titles, presumably these sorts of things are an inspiration to guys like yourself?
GEORGE COETZEE: Yeah, definitely, coming through the Sunshine Tour, it's nice to see players win Majors, and it's always just been Ernie and Goose, Ernie and Goose, and I'm still a big Ernie and Goose fan, even though only Goose is playing this week.
But yeah, I mean, we all want to follow in their footsteps and it's nice to see youngsters coming up -- they are older than me but still young; a very good example to follow.

Q. Of the South Africans on the Tour, who have you been sort of closest to? Who do you sort of travel with, hang out with?
GEORGE COETZEE: Last year, I think it was a bit different because it was just me and Anton and James Compton that come through Q-School. I mean, I get along with very well with James Kingston and Hennie Otto and Keith Horne -- well, this year. I think it's just -- I don't know, it's probably just Shaun Norris and Jaco Van Zyl this year, because the three of us came through Q-School together and Keith Horne, because I spent some time with him on the Asian Tour, as well. I think most South Africans just hang about each other just like all the other countries just hang around, speak their own language.

Q. You're in good position in the tournament. What are your plans for the players' night? Are you going to wear Lederhosen?
GEORGE COETZEE: I forgot about this event, so I didn't know about the big party tonight, but I'll go find out if they have one of those suits for me and my girlfriend.
GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you very much.

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