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June 24, 2011

Peter Lawrie


PETER LAWRIE: Played nicely. Unfortunately missed a few on 4, 5 and 6 which was disappointing, but I played lovely golf today, and a 68 is always a good score around here.

Q. How were conditions compared to yesterday?
PETER LAWRIE: Chalk and cheese. Yesterday we really struggled. 16 pretty much good holes in solid rain. Today much better. Got a little bit cooler there with maybe four, five holes to go, but so much easier today.

Q. Obviously you've been a little distracted, a new arrival, does that mean you come a little refreshed into this week with the golf game?
PETER LAWRIE: Definitely with the golf game. And you know, you're delighted to get back playing really. You know, life is so different at home than it is out here. I call this 'Camp' European Tour. We have four young children, so life is a bit more busy at home than it is out here.

Q. And the advantage of being out near the top of the leaderboard, you can have a nice lie-in in the morning?
PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, I had a lie-in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and hopefully tomorrow.

Q. Do you like where you are now?
PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, just keep on going really try and give myself a few chances and keep on hitting it the way I am.

Q. Are you surprised how you're playing, with the time you've had off with the baby, not played much golf?
PETER LAWRIE: Not played much golf but it's all about how you start really. If you start well, everything kicks in place. If you start struggling, you know you'll struggle quite a bit. Glad to have a few rounds under the belt now and work from there.

Q. Birdies?
PETER LAWRIE: Where did I make a nice birdie. I had a good birdie on 2 and 3 when things did not seem to be going my way. I hit rescue into about ten feet on the second and I hit 7-iron into about 15 feet on 3.

Q. And you say you missed three after that?
PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, I missed from five feet, four feet, six feet on 4, 5, 6.

Q. You and your name sake were on each other's coattails.
PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, unfortunately he's struggling with his back, it's very sore. Just got a swing there on the last unfortunately.

Q. When did the new arrival come?
PETER LAWRIE: Friday of Wales.

Q. So four kids under seven?
PETER LAWRIE: Four kids under six.

Q. And the new arrival's name?
PETER LAWRIE: Christopher.

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